Seeing good in the other?


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Salaam/Shalom/Peace to all of you--

If you could pick anything that seems good, positive, beatiful from another monotheistic faith (Judaism, Christianity, Islaam, Bah'ai, etc), what would that be? How could that which you like about the other faith be used for the good of the humanity as a whole?

Let stay away from "my faith is better, yours is just plain wrong because..." :) I personally think that purpose of an interfaith dialogue is not to be demeaning to each other, but rather to accept each other and to try to find a common ground.
What an interesting idea for a thread Amica!

One of my particular favorites is the wisdom tradition within Judaism, especially Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.
Thank you :) Yes, well I thought since we all like our faiths the best and think that our faiths are the most beautiful, why not think of the other religious groups also--think out of the box in a way :).

I particularly like the idea from Christianity that tells people that God loves us, no matter what. What a beautiful message, powerful. In times of turmoil, desperation, hopelessness-this message of love can lift one up.

Judaism--through its biblical stories about the Jewish people and their interesting relationship with God, makes me think that no matter how small part of God's creation we might be in this huge universe, there is The God who cares even for the smallest of His creations. We might not be the smallest, but He still cares.

Bah'ais faith is one of the most tolerant. Perhaps my religion might not recognize Bah'ai (spelling?) message to some degree, but I love the way Bah'ai teachings approach every other monotheistic faith with respect, tolerance and understanding.
Baha'i -- commitment with acceptance

Catholicism -- community and Christmas dinners

Islam -- strength and focus

Judaism -- solemnity with variety and spontaneity
One thing, that struck me a few months ago was from a preacher and he was talking about people we dont like..
you know, people that we judge for whatever reason, and we all do it..
people that arent like us, bad people, different faiths, people from different cultures....
i didnt think i did it, but i realized i do....... even those little sh*ts that harass old people at shopping centres, the theives, the unsavoury characters etc....
and then the preacher said... well, you know what?.....Jesus died on the cross for them too.

Holy "s**t' i thought,,,,,, hes right.....
damn, lol
thts what i like........ God knows better than I do.