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From Louis...
No topic here - just looking for some place to compliment
you and everyone else on the general excellence of this
website. I've spent years trying to find something like this
and I hope I never say anything strong enough to get
myself barred. May I offer a pre-emptive apology in case
I ever do offend anybody.
The website concept provides just the right amount of
intellectual detachment - when people sit around a table
looking at each other, they pick up on so many things
like body language and tone of voice that it's difficult
to maintain objectivity.
Keep up the great work !
As elsewhere - a forum is only as good as its members. :)
Brian, I know you've heard this a million times before but this is really a great website. I have learned and grown more here than I don't think I ever could have had I not found this place. Though I get shut down sometimes, you and the moderators are doing an excellent job keeping this place wholesome and I feel a kinship that extends so much farther beyond my keyboard, monitor, and limited understanding. Much Love!!!
Well, I've seen multi faith sites on the net before but nothing as great as this one! Of what I see Brian is an excellent website developer, actually probably one of the best out there. I'm not ass kissing, just nice to say what you think especially if it’s good, since I always blab out Cynical stuff :p . It is a great site, it's pioneering, and its sites like this which makes the internet a great place. Good luck and a thanks for your work towards making this great site :)
I couldn't agree more. As a "Smorgasbordian" of religion as opposed to a Swedenborgian, love da place. I've only hung out in monoreligious forums & don't know if there's anything comparable out there. Doubt there'd be any better. Thanks so much for creating this place. We all seem to do a pretty good job of being tolerant &/or polite with 1 another-rather amazing when you consider all the different viewpoints being discussed here. Bless you all, Earl
I'm not one to jump on bandwagons... overtly...

Sometimes I think about joining a troupe and touring the world as the next big thing, strapping my clogs on, or my whatevers. It doesn't matter. I dream of seeing the world and earning many a cut and callous on my possessed and stinky feet...

But Really I Am Never Going Out On Dancing Sprees. I Think Every. dancer should be shot. Shoot them all, I say. They're the ones talking to the politicians in the war room. Shhhhhh.