Burning mosque...


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On December 8th, 2008 in town of Gatcko, Bosnia-Hercegovina, believers (those who were once driven out of the town and came back) who came in the morning to pray Eid prayer found that their mosque was set on fire the night before. The Serb authorities in the entity of "Republic of Serpska" (so-called "Serb Republic") are "investigating."
What a message of 'peace' and 'welcome back', no? Bosnian war started on Eid, when ex-Yugoslav Army attacked Sarajevo in 1992. Once again, some Serbs are sending their message...

Makes me wonder... how far have we monotheists gone... downward. In the first steps of our communties (christian, muslim, jewish) We used to defend ourselves against opression and for the survival of our faiths. Yet not that much later, we found new "enemies": ourselves. We do not fight anymore for what seems right. Some of us tend to "compete" among ourselves not through knowledge, piety, good, but through guns, tanks, bullets, etc. Some of us are not defending ourselves anymore, but have become opressors and shamefully claim that we fight on the path of God, in His Name... Well, Holy Are His Holy Names--far away is He from what some of us attribute to Him! May He be Glorified forever by all those Christians, Sabians, Jews and Muslims who have earned his Mercy and Heaven.

Makes me sad... :(
Well, it is the second day of Eid. I wish all Muslims Eid Mubarak, and wish all others peace and hapiness. I wish that all of us who believe in One God will live in peace and will worship Him the way we should, in our own ways, the way we know how, the way our faiths show how.
tis a sad state of affairs.

I wish you well on your holy days.

And as advent begins and the celebration of light comes closer I wish all can contemplate peace and understanding of others beliefs.