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Israel has gone mad over the past few days.

We all knew that Israel and the Palestinians have repeatedly failed to learn from past lessons and mistakes, so as to continue the cycle of violence - but here Israel seems to be exaggerating the entire process by causing as much bloodshed and mayhem as possible.

And when the next big bomb goes off, no doubt the Israelis will stop and publicly wonder how on earth anyone could do such a terrible thing - conveniently forgetting that they have created - and not simply maintained but exaggerated - the suffering of the Palestinian people.

It's time that the world stood up properly to the insanity of the Israeli politicians, who for years have believed that the only way to settle the Palestinian issue is to keep oppressing Palestinians.

And that means for the Whitehouse to actually stand up against the various pro-Israeli mindsets, that have ruined and flawed US foreign policy for many years, creating nothing but deep antagonism and hatred of US interests in the Middle East.

The US has a stark choice - make a friend of the world, or stand by the Israeli ally that keeps stabbing it in the back.

Meanwhile the Israeli government under Sharon continues to demonstrate that the only thing that the Jews have learned from the holocaust is how to oppress, not forgive.

Amnesty International reporting of Israeli war crimes:

Israel demands mass surrender of Palestinian males:

Israel fires on Gaza crowds:
This is one of those insanely black and white issues that divides people of equal morality and intelligence. Until just recently I was sleeping with a woman who would've cheered everything you just said. Needless to say, I disagree completely. LOL I think America is stabbing Israel in the back as well as cleaving to an irrational Europe.

Since this is a religious forum, I should add that those critical of Israel cite Bush and his fellow evangelical Christians. I'm not fond of this group, but I'll spare the vitrol. Anyway, the critics claim accurately, that the evangelicals believe that Israel has to been followed at all cost, thus leading to the Bush policy of not assisting in negotiations. This is true. But what the critics either don't say, ignore, neglect to mention or are completely ignorant of, is that evangelicals don't want Israel to defends itself. According to their Darbyist prophecy, Israel has to exist but be persecuted. Several wild sermons have been given saying that at any moment cannibalism of Jews will become common place, this derived from an interpretation of Revelations.

The only way peace can be obtained, in my opinion, is through intense negotiations or letting Israel off the American leash and letting her drive back the 'refugees' to their original homelands and expand to a safe distance. This is at odds with the Left solution of loading Jews onto cattle cars and shipping them to Madagascar so that the 'Palestinians' can move from their homelands of Jordan, Egypt etc to have the idustry Israel built.
it does seem a bit insane. israelis are not insane, though their politicians are a ghastly bunch with few exceptions. unfortunately, the greater the international condemnation of israeli actions, the more the extremists say "you see, they all hate us anyway, so why should we care what they think?" they know what the evangelists think and either think they're deluded or useful, depending.

another fairly major problem, politicians notwithstanding is that while there is a "peace camp" in israel, there doesn't seem to be one on the arab or palestinian side (apart from the jordanian royal family) - where are the protests against suicide bombings? against the brainwashing of children? at least half of israeli society is against the occupation and wants out of the territories, but they're not running the government, because last time they were arafat ran rings around them.

it takes my breath away to think how bad the israelis would look if the palestinians adopted a strategy of non-violence. counterintuitive, but effective. unfortunately, the more violent they are the less conciliatory the israelis get. the sad thing is that were there a palestinian gandhi, arafat or hamas would have him murdered.

i am a zionist and received a thorough zionist education, but i also think it got some important things wrong, as a 19th century nationalism implemented by utopian socialists. i don't see why hebron should be judenrein, but neither do i see why my cousins should be forced to risk their lives so that the likes of federman and feiglin can defy the world.


Maybe insanity is the right word. For the whole situation, though. What was that line from that movie Platoon, 'hell is the impossiblity of reason'? One could almost literally trace the tit for tat back into pre-history.

That said, there are places on earth that eventually exhausted themselves on violence. How many generation does it take before one says 'enough'.