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  • Thanks for your honesty and trust. Its meant a lot to me, and I've enjoyed your posts over these several years. I stop by your website sometimes to see what's going on. Also, thanks for exhorting me to continue reading and studying.

    "May God give you of heaven's dew and of earth's richness--an abundance of grain and new wine." Genesis 27:28
    what absolute rubbish. atheists do not believe at all. they go on the evidence. they also do not see why they should accept a priori something that seems unreasonable to them based on these assumptions

    I don't agree with this at all. Most people assume they are rational and their opinions are based on logic. This is not they way I see the world. I believe we all start out with some basic views of the world (created in childhood) and spend the rest of our lived confirming and rationalizing these views. There are, of course, events in ones life which drastically challenge these "facts" (opinions) and might throw us in entirely new directions. But now, I think people are generally to "stupid" to have rationally chosen each opinion they posses, atheist or not.
    Do you remember Cat Rowan from Mother's Magic/Breathless Nooners?

    I heard from her and she said that her family's okay (she lives in or very near Christchurch, NZ, where they had the 7.1 earthquake.) I can/will give more details from her e-mail to me if you desire. Nothing's personal in the text.
    Aloha bb - I hope all is well with you and your family - just sending thoughts of love to you and your family.... poh
    I'd say apples or perhaps watermelon. I think that 'Favorite' food should not be defined as the most delicious but as that which you can eat most frequently and enjoy it every time. Some foods are delicious but get tiresome quickly, so I can't consider them to be favorites.
    bananas have their moments, but i am a fan of anything that carmen miranda can get on a hat - apart from pineapples, because although i really like them they make the inside of my mouth swell up.


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