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So it goes ...
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Here's a thought ... how about we use this Board to post those odd musings we have in moments, maybe to discuss, or maybe just to offer as something one might like to reflect on ... no answer sought, just something to think about?

I'll kick off with a couple that crossed my mind ... if there's no take-up, then we can let it pass.

But I'm pretty sure other Paths than mine own might have something to offer.

Perhaps not so much an odd musing as a request for source. I've been looking for Augustine's "Just War" (Ius in Bello, Ius ad Bellum). I find references out the wazoo, but I can't seem to find source material or direct English translation. Any suggestions?
a musing (amusing??) anyway... in my new car it has an aux input for the now the MP3 that hasn't been used in a couple years is hanging from the mirror on random... So I blissfully listen to all the 60's rock/jazz/blues I put on the thing along with various other downloads....on the way to work today was a talk by Ghandi.

a. he didn't like to be called Mohatma (why call me good?)
b. he didn't like the pictures and statues popping up (it isn't me)
c. he thought the cause (nonviolence) should supercede him, and he not be the focus

then right back to Frank Zappa... what a glorious ride to work.