Esoteric Christianity so called

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That's why I refute 'esoteric Christianity' as it is presented, as it is evident that what the authors assume Christianity to be is born of nothing other than their own imaginations, and bears little or no resemblance to the truth or the actuality, and you have provided no evidence to the contrary — you simply quote more people who believe in what I already believe to be false.

This is what I cannot get across to you. You have your beliefs and I believe they miss the essential purpose of Christianity.

That is why St. John of the Cross calls faith a night. With those who have received a Christian education, the lower parts of the soul become attached to these mysteries when they have no right at all to do so. That is why such people need a purification of which St. John of the Cross describes the stages. Atheism and incredulity constitute an equivalent of such a purification.
- Simone Weil, Faiths of Meditation; Contemplation of the divine
the Simone Weil Reader, edited by George A. Panichas (David McKay Co. NY 1977) p 418

What I see happening is precisely this. The atheist sees through the BS so rightly questions it. This questioning is good for cleaning house. You refer to lesser or greater goods but what if this subjective perception of a greater good is just fantasy? Then the lesser good is greater.

This is one of the advantages of esoteric Christianity in that it allows one to see through the BS through self knowledge rather than cling to blind faith.
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