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Redlands, California
We're experiencing some issues on the Baha'i Forum and the Islamic board that I think should be addressed.

There was a standard policy called the walled garden approach where posts antagonistic to a religion were deamed inappropriate when posted in that forum..

Has this policy changed?

- Art:confused:
Damn u bahai's !!!!

( just kiddin' : p )

I think some of the new members are not fully
aware of the board's regulations. But the post
I saw in the Bahai section was totally uncalled for.

Mr. Slave of Allah (if you're reading this): dude...
You can't just trash people's belief's like that.
That's very un-Islamic. If you are looking to do
"dawah" then you will have to mend you ways.
I don't think the CoC refers to the garden thing; nor anything about what might be acceptable in B&S (for example) may not be in specific religious forums. So any "newer" members may not be aware.

Apologies for any (hypocritical) inappropriate posting that I have and will make. :eek:

I would never plant a garden on a blind bombing zone(s)
Has this policy changed?

Indeed - thought it was changed a couple of years ago now.

Rather than have a walled garden approach, we're relaxed the moderating somewhat to allow more free expression, though with the caveat that civility is still required, and anyone coming here with the sole intention of trying to attack one or more faiths get a quiet word.

There was a single post thread on the Baha'i board, now removed, where someone was critical of the Baha'i faith. If it had been in response to a general discussion it would probably have been allowed, but because it was a new post who pretty much went to the Baha'i board to attack it, it was removed.

The Christianity board contains quite a heterogeneous mix of opinions and expressions.