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  • Actually it's an Epi SG G-400 Faded series, but it plays like a Gibson :) Now I want an MXR vintage 74 phaser :)
    Thanks for the link on Superdeterminism. You might also be interested in Charles Hartshorne's theology of dual transcendence: "G-d is exalted above other realities not as cause surpasses effect, or unity, plurality, or being, becoming; but rather as eminent cause surpasses ordinary causes."
    I find it interesting to watch peoples habits... Ways.... How people, are so, predictable.... lol.... Besides I don't have much to say or care for the majority of conversations.... So I can occasionally look onto this page... I can see if anyone I speak to in private is on, or whats going down and if any talks I have partaken in are active. *shrugs* The who is online feature shall never be removed ;) Good tool.

    Besides..... How would you know this? *twirls his beard in contemplation...* hmmmm.
    Huh? What? What Batman game? I like teh superheroes. Got Champions Online on preorder. Debating whether or not to put in the money for a lifetime sub. Huge plus for me is that it's designed to play well on an xbox controller.
    Hey C0de, could use yer philosopher-tise on the Renewal is Liberal? thread if you can spare it. Specifically in response to whether or not a particular formulation is logically valid. btw, good to see you back around again.
    Never played an Atari have you? Behold, the Atari 2600, a real breakthrough in wholesome indoor entertainment. After that unit, video games were no longer a joke but an industry.
    hey there mate, no, i dont live there on the farm, but it belongs to the family and i go there whenever i can.
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