What is Satan and how does he influence my life?


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But I will search. Feel free to post anything you run across.

Here. I found one...


Mara and Satan: the Tempter in Buddhist and Christian Scripture

Firstly, the question must be raised: is Mara in Buddhist thought a real, personal being, or simply an abstract concept used allegorically to represent evil and temptation? This consideration is familiar to Western discussion regarding Satan, although clearly orthodoxy in all of the Abrahamic faiths (i.e., Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) recognizes Satan as an actual being: a fallen though formerly brilliant angel of God, as in Isaiah 14:12,15: "How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!"2 This interpretation is supported frequently by the testimony of Western scripture.* Many of the Buddhist scriptures, as well, depict Mara as a real being capable of verbal communication; in these he is often, like Satan, portrayed as a Luminous One (a god), but one whose sphere includes passion, temptation, and evil.

It is also true, however, that any of these Western and Buddhist accounts may be interpreted figuratively, as referring to a principle, rather than a being, of evil and seduction. Indeed, some Buddhist texts clearly present Mara as a state of the human mind--a metaphor for the principle of evil, passion, and diversion from the Dharma: "Heretical views and the three poisonous elements [i.e. greed, anger, and delusion] are Mara.... When our nature is dominated by [these], we are said to be possessed by the devil."3 Other passages, such as the account of the Buddha's temptation in the Sutta Nipata, refer to such evil mental states as the armies or forces of Mara, while maintaining his existence as a real being who stands "right next to the Buddha."4 The conclusion to be drawn is that the Buddhist concept of Mara--as being or as principle--is at least as much open to debate as is the similar question in Western theology.


IMHO the saner Buddhists would fall into "Mara as state of human mind" as opposed to demon.

But that's just me.