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I would like advice, please, ppl...

I am a psychic. I have always been a psychic. I am an old fashioned traditional type of psychic- one who has "visions" while awake and "precognitive dreams" while asleep. You will never find me at the local Mind Body and Spirit fair getting reiki healing. I am not that kind of person.
Apart from online, I don't discuss this with anyone. I am not looking for fame and fortune, and nor am I looking for pats on the back or book deals and tv appearances. I believe that if you have this "gift" then you use it when you can and never accept payment- you do what you do because it's right. Over the past few years I have tried to ignore it- I had a few really bad experiences related to my "additional knowledge", and being the kind of person who "tries to do what's right" and I suppose I've had my fingers burnt.

As well as the dreams, I occasionally "get messages" from photographs and the TV. I read the newspaper and see a photo of a missing person and I get what I call "a flash"- a tingle of electricity flashes through my body, and I "hear/think" something- usually related to the missing person. Last night I was watching TV, and a programme on missing persons. I started getting these "flashes", and heard/thought about a green car... a few minutes later the presenter of the show told us the girl was last seen in a green car. I had pain in my chest, my stomach, my head, and a lot of jumbled thoughts. I could not help there; the girls body had been found.

A few days ago a person went missing in my country. I was reading the newspaper and came accross their photograph and felt a "flash" and heard/thought "I want to be with Liam". I made the assumption the missing person had vanished, like so many missing persons do, to kill themselves- they had suffered some loss- a child, a brother, a friend, and could not cope. Yet now I am not so sure. The police believe this person has come to harm. The police believe this person has been abducted.

So, what do I do? If I'm psychic, what if the message is something significant? What if a person dies because I'm reluctant to contact the police? And if I did contact them, what would I say?

"Hello, I'm a psychic, I have one line to give you- it means nothing to me but I have to say something"? Or do I just wait, and see what happens, see if I'm "right" later? What if I make the effort to phone the station and they laugh at me? Or worse- what if they believe I'm somehow implicated and arrest me? Stranger things have happened.

You see, I have had these feelings/thougths/images before, and I have occasionally contacted the police. Nothing ever happens- I imagine that I am just, to them, another crazy who thinks she has all the answers and they never bother digging. I just don't like the idea that somewhere there is a dossier containing "nut-job psychics" who contact the police when ppl are missing and end up costing investigation teams money and time better spent elsewhere. I know it shouldn't be about me, really. But well, it is.

I need something concrete and rational and I've had it- insofar as the dream stuff goes... but this is "newer", something which has only started occuring in the last few years. I don't know if what I get from these images is accurate, and I don't want to "run" with something which directs me into a very narrow cul-de-sac. I know believing in psychic powers isn't very rational when you're 30 years old, but that's how it is.

Should I try to gather "proof"? Should I spend a year writing all this "stuff" down and then see if my imaginations were real? I've thought about it, but oftentimes people do not turn up for decades, cases remain unsolved for years. It's not a very good testing method. Do I actively look for cases, make notes, keep quiet, see if what I'm saying is right?

Yet, what if I'm right and I could have saved just one of these people? Of course, I will email the local force dealing with the recent case, but I'm not hopeful anyone will take any notice or indeed if the information is correct.

I would just like to know... what do other people think about this "stuff"? If it was happening to you and you felt like I do, what would be your next step?
Proof would indeed be needed.... If you are trying to prove something? If you are not trying to prove anything then no... Evidence wouldn't be needed and you can carry on your happy physic path! :D

You say you get messages from images?

just curious....


Do you get any messages from this image? If so what? Or, doesn't it work like that ;)
lol... love them socks! yes, I am, like rodney, probably just a plonker...

but no- it doesn't work like that- I could see a million images and get nothing and then, zoom! there's a lil flash... and a sentence, or a few words, or another picture, an image... I have tried to focus on this, and make more of it, but it's often just a line or two, nothing particularly significant... guess I'll just have to work on it, see if it makes more sense in a few months time.

King! I didn't mean it like that hehehe.... I was going to go with a sarcastic approach but then I decided to go with a curious approach.... I guess even that came across as sarcastic lol... I really didn't mean it like that, but, lol ok.
So, what do I do? If I'm psychic, what if the message is something significant? What if a person dies because I'm reluctant to contact the police? And if I did contact them, what would I say?

You contact the police and give them your information.

You tell them you're a psychic.

Then it's up to them to choose how to use your information.
I know exactly what you mean, Francis - a few years ago I had an incredibly vivid dream about someone who was murdered (from their point of view as it happened) and it was really disturbing.

My dreams are normally - well, dreams, and open to all sorts of personal rather than objective interpretation - but there were details about the killer in this dream. At the time, police had detained someone, but it didn't at all match what I'd dreamt.

I felt so strongly about it I wrote an anonymous letter to the police force involved, giving them a description, and some key information, not least that the killer had followed the group overseas, rather than it being a local man as currently held, plus a brief physical description.

Not sure whether it got any attention from the law, but eventually the local man was released, and someone who had followed the group overseas was arrested and eventually convicted of the murder, and certainly he had features that matched my description.

It's actually hard to talk about - on of the one hand, you have these strong feelings, but they don't make sense, and additionally, you don't want to bring any attention to either the experience or the cases involved, because there's absolutely no glory in any of it.
I had no idea Brian... Well I believe both of you because I’ve had many of these precognitive experiences in various forms. Many in the form of dreams. The night before the Asian tsunami I had a dream I and everyone was engulfed by the sea whilst swimming in a crowned sea side resort. And many more similar expereince to do with family members and other events. I’ve had vivid dreams that get played out the following day many times.
We each have our stories to relate in this field. So why are we not all lottery winners, why do we all make poor choices sometimes we should have foreseen? Because even if there is some truth in it it remains a poor quality tool.

When I split from and divorced my wife in 1995/6 I was still heavily into divinationary ideas and believed I had an ability that I could use through various standard mediums to 'glimpse' the unseen. Because of the pressure of stress and unhappiness I was experiencing I gave this area of thought far more time and consideration than was healthy and I realise now that I was constantly looking for and finding ways to feed those beliefs. So I would warn against that. Keeping notes or files on, and trying to follow every bit of news on things relating to these ideas can and will inevitably feed you false notions for flawed reasoning. If they are real you are going to have them anyway, keep them pure and unclouded by ideas that stew in your unconscious.

Best wishes...

I did seriously... I let loose this torrent of jest in a blink of an eye, Then thought, no let's see.

Cause I don't believe in all that stuff.... But, I used to do alot of it... I was able to know what was going to happen before it did, it happened quite often but it was random... I didn't know how or why I did it. And the same went for knowing what people were going to say.

I then started putting all this kind of stuff down to nonsense/some subliminal calculation I'd added up to know or something, but not a dellusion like you say that is too harsh... I think sometimes maybe the human mind subliminally picks up on a series of things and then with accuracy processes the outcome/next step.....

So I thought I'd give a non sarcastic reply... As I've never seen people do it through just an image... Hear about it... Like example the true story of say John Wayne Gacy.... They got a "psychic" in and looked at pictures and drew the position of the shallow graves of all those poor boys that were burried under his crawlspace.
Your right why don't the people who have precognitive ability win the lottery and believe me I've tried it hehe. I for some reason have a very high chance of winning on strach cards cause I only buy them when I get that gut feeling and it usually hits me before I consciously think of buying one, I've won plenty of times doing this I've been on a winning streak for awhile but never hit anything more the 500 ponds yet. For me pre-cognition isn't really something I can do on demand consistently, it’s more potent when I don’t try focus into it. when I try to focus into it it’s very vague for me although I have consciously tuned in clearly on some occasions but never at a time for attemping something life changing.
I'll offer up my 2 cents, but I caution that it isn't an extremely well thought out 2 cents.

First, I have no doubt these things happen. I am related to someone who worked as a detective for a Sheriff department for years- he had gone through the academy and worked his way to being a detective. He had a very high rate of solving crimes and locking away murderers. What they didn't know was that he knew this information through retrocognition. He could go to a crime scene or the general vicinity and see what had happened and then know where the evidence would be, so he could then direct the crews on where to look for the evidence. He also sometimes had precognition, as when a disaster would strike or when someone went missing. But he couldn't do anything about that stuff. He found a way to make his gift into a consistent benefit to society, but I think it was always somewhat torturous as our society doesn't and can't rely on precognition to prevent crime. So he'd have to wait until a crime was committed, and then could use his gift to prevent further crime.

My own 2 cents is that these abilities are natural to all human beings, but like any other of our abilities, some are really gifted at it, most have moments of "getting it" and can train themselves into proficiency (but never approach genius), and some will be lousy at it. That is, I think it's a completely natural function of the human brain and as such, is like people who are good at mathematics or people who are great at composing music. You'll get only a few Einsteins and Beethovens, a lot of folks who can do calculus reasonably well or play Beethoven decently with feeling (after training), and some who no matter how hard they try, will always suck at these endeavors. Such is the diversity of human intelligence. I think there is evidence of this type of thing in Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory, but it just hasn't been extended to the "special" psychic gifts that some people seem to have such as pre and retrocognition, healing, empathy and telepathy, and so forth.

As for how this works... I have ideas but they are largely intuitive and ill-informed, probably based on my faulty ideas about physics. That said, I'll toss out a few lines. LOL :D

I think this stuff works in slightly different ways, but overall we are responding to a completely natural field of energy/information that exists. In the case of precognition (and retrocog) it would be something like Jung's collective unconscious. One is tapping into the larger field of information, and no delay in time is actually necessary, as this exists outside the boundaries of space-time in some way. It's the same thing that makes paired electrons change their spin when you manipulate them- instantly. There is some field of energy/information that unites all beings and we have the capacity to tap into it. I think this is why it is fairly easy for people to develop at least a rudimentary capacity to sense impending natural or human induced doom, but problematic to foresee lottery numbers. For me at least, negative occurences carry a lot of energy and are easier to read than positive ones, and random events (like lottery) are harder to discern than non-random ones.

I rarely, rarely experience precog or retrocog and I don't encourage it. But I do experience empathy and telepathy regularly and my distinct impression is that I'm able to reach out to the energy/information that is sort of hovering around a given individual being. It's sort of like a cloud that has its epicenter in their mind/body. Similarly, I can often tell when a place or person has something very negative in their past, because I have a feeling of disruption ranging from mild disharmony to making me literally naseous and my hair stand on end. I've followed up with this in terms of places, and it always occurs where people killed a lot of other people. It's the energetic signature lingering there of that action, with the epicenter in that place. I think over time, this stuff naturally disintegrates (the energy) just as other natural things do.

In terms of empathy and telepathy, it is born out of an openness (now conscious) of my energetic field to theirs, and information can be pulled from them to me, or pushed from me to them.

I am not so sure how healing works. I can do it, but nothing that exciting or fancy. I can relieve pain and inflammation, headaches, stuff like that. It seems to work better on animals than people. I know how I visualize what I am doing, but I don't know that it is how it works... so I'm not sure how I'm doing what I am doing, but the clearest results have been in that area for me in working with animals, who most would say would not have the placebo effect. You could argue that healing in animals results from loving action rather than energetic work, but I think that would be at least as telling as anything else, and I don't tend to think there is a difference...

Anyhoo, I think what you have, Francis, is a gift just as being naturally good at anything else is a gift- perhaps to a level of genius, only you could assess that. If you feel that it is something you wish to pursue, just like any gifts we are given, you have to creatively think about how you could use it to benefit others and while I agree that exploiting it for profit is unethical, I don't think making a basic living off any of our gifts is a bad thing so long as we take only what we need. Further, it's up to you whether to enhance your gift through training (experimentation or something of the sort) or not, and I wouldn't feel badly about opting out if you don't want to go any further than what you now experience, or even if you wish to learn how to "turn down the volume" if you want (which I've worked toward doing on empathy/telepathy, as it can otherwise be quite overwhelming). I don't think that choosing not to use some area of giftedness is an unethical or wrong action. Not everything we're good at is something we enjoy or wish to do. I'm good at technical writing, but I find it tedious, boring, and stifling. I don't see how psychic talents are different from regular ones in that regard- if a gift harms a person in some way, they should feel OK with learning how to ignore it or tune it down if they can.
Francis, I find Path's explanation a good one. It seems that psychic ability is heritable to a large degree. About 1-2 years ago I was curious to see if anyone had ever researched that and found 1 article on the web confirming that which I believe I posted in some thread here somewhere. Might be interesting for you to nose about your family and see if any others speak of having the "gift" whether they see it that way or not. earl
My 1 cent worth.

Francis, I can see the dilemma you are in, whether or not to tell the police and chance ridicule if your wrong, or worse, be called a nutbag. What to do, what to do?

I suggest establishing a track record. If you have sensed an interest in a particular case where you have experienced these 'flashes', then follow it privately and see where it ends up. You might even wish to record those impression and time/date stamp it someway (maybe in an email to yourself, for example). For instance, this phrase "I want to be with Liam", you might want to try to investigate as humanly possible to see if there is any connections with that name. Maybe a family member or friend, or maybe they are a Laim Neeson fan? Now it is probably difficult to gather much info on the case than the media or police puts out, but the point is to see if there is some validity to your psychic claims with documentation to back it up. Then once you've established a track record, you'd have some credentials to take to the police who may actually listen to what you have to say.
It seems that the idea of having a fragment of knowledge somehow implies responsibility.
It would help if the sight would provide more than a cryptic fragment though.
Having had somewhat similar experiences myself, I would suggest that you already know the answer, even if you aren't currently aware of it.
Just do what you, in your heart, feels is right.
After all, you are the pilot of your ship, guided by your conscience.