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  • Merry Christmas Path!

    May the Christ be born anew in you this season!
    Thanks for knowing that we need to actively work towards being better human beings. I thought that's what this site was all about. I tried to rep you, but apparently I've done that too many times already.
    Path, I suggest not posting your true DOB for security reasons. I am happy for you. You are a new chick just hatched.
    Thanks for the concern, FS. I'm OK-just really busy and kind of a bit down lately (working in a different state until May from my husband- so that's not at all fun).
    It's good to see you back around just the same. You are missed.

    I like the new avatar!
    Hi, all- I'm back... I'll be in and out for a while- combo of travel and heavy workload (well, that and the flowers eating me up LOL), but life is good! And Leo... sometimes I notice number patterns, but I never know what they'd mean. :b
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