Atlantis: did it exist?

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Atlantis well I feel that Plato was pretty sound.....

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Thank you Postmaster for that link! I've been looking for updated information about the recent findings for quite some time now!
I didn't see anything in those pictures to convince me. I guess I'll have to wait till they manage to uncover that hill and see if they are right about it.
Trust me, Cyprus is the island of Atlantis ;) The Greek Cypriots celebrate kataklismo, from the time of the great flood till this very day. What led Robert Sarmast to Cyprus in the first place was history. Atlantis was sunk by Zeus and the Atlanteans also fort battles with the Athenians and its hard to think Atlantis of in the Atlantic Ocean to go for battle?. The highest peak of Atlantis was Mount Olympia according to Plato, can't be too much of a coincidence that Cyprus still has the high peak called by the same name. Also the Greek Cypriots know, they really do, you ask any of them they wouldn't say it doesn't make sense. These images of there past are shocking, regardless if its Atlantis or not, its still a man-made structure, history and Plato is the only thing which makes it fit like a glove for it being Atlantis. ;) The most amazing thing of all is that the Atlanteans lived up to 12'000 years ago.
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This is very interesting, and I think that the evidence on that website is highly credible. Do you believe that the civilization of Atlantis was as advanced as some have suggested (laser light surgery, etc)? What have you found?
Well if Plato is to be believed then I would say yes. If Plato isn't to be believed then I would say no. All I can say is why not? Why weren’t they a sophisticated and advanced civilization? Nothing in the books says it was impossible. They are now suspecting that because the Egyptian civilization sprang out of nowhere, they now think that the survivors of Atlantis that weren’t in the country at the time started a new civilization in Egypt. Also the original ideas of one God to even the ancient designs of things like temples all goes back to Atlantis and all this stuff still influences the west till today. Even if they didn't have flying machines the fact that 12'000 years ago people lived in a civilization as Atlantis is just as fascinating.
Yes PM I have always felt strongly that some of the Egyptians were descendents of a much more advanced race, the Egyptians, Mayans and Aztecs assisted the descent of consciousness even further due to abuse of spiritual law which continues to this day.

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Thanks for the info Sacredstar. 30'000 years! I find it hard to believe! If this is true, then anything is possible. Do you have any weblinks for me?
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It was at least a year ago when I came across the archaeology on the web, I haven't been very good at recording links in the past but I am trying to do better now. I will do a quick search to see if I can find it otherwise you may like to do a search too.

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Wow 30'000 years.. Thank you for the links sacredstar very interesting.

It would seem is only the most famous (maybe) lost civilization plato wrote about it not knowing of the hundreds of other cities that were destroyed by what anyone would have to say was a global catastrophe.

I find it amazing that the ties between the arcitecture of the ancient world seem to be overlooked Pyrimids are located world wide. Aztecs Egyptians Myans even the ancient temples found in Tialand all point to a common theme of building.

The flood is a story told in almost every culture if indeed the plates shifted would have resulted in a mega tsunamia (spell check that) that would have dwarfed the diasaster we see today. I wonder without the modern press and information we have how would you describe such an event.

I myself back to just atlantis find it interesting the connection between the decendants of Nimrod of the Bible and the city of Atlantis the Hungarians the Celts several postflood cultures have links.

The Hopi american indians say this

When they reached the fourth world, the islands sank into the ocean

We know that some time after the flood a king Named Nimrod

Built a city/Tower called Babel

By one of the Hungarian legends, the Hungarians were descendants of Magor, the son of Nimrod of the Hebrew Bible.

Together with his brother Hunor, patriarch of the Hun race, Magor set out on a hunting trip chasing an elusive white stag for many weeks. They eventually found themselves far from home, and decided to settle down where they were,


However, Magog(Magor) was supposed to have a grandchild called Heber, who spread throughout the mediterranean and Greeks called such Iberes mentioning that they were refugees from Atlantis who had come to settle the Caucasus.


Gog is identified as the original country of the Magog people. Magog actually means "from Gog" and although certain Celtic peoples consider themselves to be descendants of Magog (see below) (Poseidonius, for example, mentions that the Cimmerians who are considered as the original ancestors of the Celts, derived from gug and guas), Gog itself is identified as "the country at the four corners of the world".

The deeper we dig the more we will find I myself believe that a very advanced culture and a very diferent looking world was destroyed only thru tales handed down from generation to generation do we have any knowledge of it.
Flood myths are so widespread because humanity has always settled near sources of water, which can be expected to periodically flood - and, rarely, flood catastrophically. There have been major catastrophic river floods across the world the past few years, and the recent Asian tsunami disaster shows how coastal settlements in a wide area can be particularly vulnerable to major events.
What about the Grand Canyon? It was formed rather quickly by a large amount of water.. There are other places here such as New Mexico and Arizona that have large pillars of rock with no dirt on them. These places are nowhere near oceans or large bodies of water. Or how about it being the cause of extinction for dinosaurs. Most of the archeological digs show that they died very quickly.. the they came up with the theory of a comet. Why couldnt it have been a great flood?

Something else to play around with.. in the OT theres the whole thing about Angels having relations with women and there being giants on the earth.. I dont believe that they were literally giants but maybe great men that were more advanced than the rest of the world.