Atlantis: did it exist?

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Flood myths are so widespread because humanity has always settled near sources of water, which can be expected to periodically flood - and, rarely, flood catastrophically. There have been major catastrophic river floods across the world the past few years, and the recent Asian tsunami disaster shows how coastal settlements in a wide area can be particularly vulnerable to major events.
Further to this, we need to bear in mind that the ice age didn't end overnight 12000 years ago - in fact, there would have been a long period of time during which sea level was changing.

Combine this with early settlements tending to be near rivers and/or coastal regions, and its very easy to see that flooding would have been an issue for all early human civilisations.

I recall reading an article that explained that even if, over time, sea levels rise only gradually, you can still get catastrophic flooding. This is like a dam-burst effect, where nothing noticeable happens until a threshold is reached and suddenly the whole dam is washed away, with consequent flooding. I remember seeing an explanation like this for flooding in the dead sea region.

In this light, the various flood myths may in fact be stories about how the ending of the ice age affected early human settlements.
Indeed, quite right about that as well. :)

So, on those lines - indeed, there was a pretty global flood. :)
Yes because when the Atlantean’s invaded the Athenians they used there fighter jet's :D Nah its unlikely, the Egyptians and Greeks wrote about Atlantis because it was under there noses.. Maybe it was an island that went down in the triangle but not Atlantis..

Here's what they found in Cyprus and Syrian seas as a matter of fact Acropolis hill falls bang on half way between Greek Republic of Cyprus seas (Sorry Turks) and our Syrian friends but there are more little Atlantean settlements towards Cyprus, what Cyprus is today is the hill tops and highest peaks of Atlantis and that’s why my ancestors survived (Atlanteans). We also celebrate a great flood every year (Kataklismos), the biggest celebrations in Cyprus, were we the surivors of Atlantis going down?


Shocking right? Perfect match to what our ancient Greek friend Plato was saying. Can it get anymore obvious? Yes, and it will. Was this the oldest civilisation in the world, the first Greeks? The first indo-Europeans? The first religious stories such as Adam and Eve? The first architecture which influenced ancient Greece, Romans and even till this day? Did they know things that humans are only just beginning to understand? These questions might be better unanswered because this is what fascinates people about the myth of Atlantis. But its inevitable they will be discovered. keep checking updates new images have been developed and will be shown in a few days.

UPDATE Feb 16th - Message from Robert: Various remote sensing experts have reviewed the images of the seafloor acquired during the expedition and we will continue to get peer reviews as time goes on. So far, no one can explain the anomalies we are viewing as anything other than manmade objects. The images are truly startling and have caused us to pull back as a team and consider how to best proceed. The post processing of the data has also proven to be a project of its own and various experts in the US and UK are busy working on creating clean images, mosaics and 3D models, which have caused further delays. Due to our desire to present these findings to the world in a methodical fashion through documentaries and publications, we have decided to keep the majority of the images confidential until the right time. However, the global thirst for the results of the expedition has also compelled us to share at least a snapshot of why we are all so excited. In the next few weeks a press release will be sent out with one image, revealing clear markings of manmade objects on the seafloor, a mile below. The rest will be made available as quickly as possible through publications and documentaries as opportunities arise. Please be patient as all scientific analyses need time to be properly reviewed and presented. We are currently looking for a publisher that has a distribution arm that can handle the international demand for the upcoming book, and working with various documentary companies that have already shown interest. It is our aim to release this one image in an effort to take the project to the next level and bring in the parties needed to conduct the second expedition properly and put this matter to rest. Plato is about to be vindicated, stay tuned...Source

Does anyone have any comments on the age of 'Atlantis'? I think we are talking about a time similar to the war with Troy and the fall of Mycenea, just before they 'Dark Ages' of the 1300 - 800 BCE period. This would explain why the story of such a momentous event is so badly recorded by the Greeks, a story passe down and mixed with myth, as, for example, the story of the Minoraur and pieces from the Odysey.
12 to 10 thousand years ago according to discovery of they were probably of the Neolithic race, which they have even found sophisticated and advance settlements in Cyprus that is 7'000 years old due to the sophistication of the settlement many claim they are a very old civilisation and actually the village where they found the settlements is called Hirokitia where my family from my mums side originate from.
My history proffesor claims (and I agree) that Atlantis was Crete during the Minoan Civilization. Think about it...Plato learned from the Egyptians about Atlantis. During the Minoan Civilization, Crete was perhaps the first European superpower. A french archeologist (I do not recall his name) uncovered Minoan art and claimed it was Egyptian because of the resemblance. In truth, most college proffesors believe one of two things:

1: The whole island of Crete was the basis for the Atlantis tale.

2: or the actual island of Santorini (modern name) is the basis for the Atlantis tale.

Either way, both explanations point to the Minoan Civilization.
When the volcano Therma exploded, the tidal wave demolished the island of Crete. Please note this happened at the same time as the Hebrew exodes with Moses (this provides and explanation for the parting of the "sea of reeds" along the coast, Yum Suph means sea of reeds, not RED SEA!!!).
Around 1999 I made my own study to determine if Atlantis/Poseidonis existed and/or rather where. I considered everywhere around the world including all the theories I knew of or had (and since) encountered my self (tho there are far more than ones I know details about as it is said by one scholar that Atlantis has been located most every where around globe "except Australia", and I think I've seen/heard an Australia one too):

Crete, Thera/Santorini, Troy (Zangger), Tartessos, Bimini (Cayce), Heligoland (Spanuth), fiction/meta-physical (de Champ, Alford), planet X (Alford), nw Africa, Cyprus (Sarm...), Ubar (Deyo), Albania (net), Athens, mid-Atlantic (Scott-Eliot, Bellamy, Donnelly), pre-flood (Fasold), Tiahuanaco (Fasold), America, Atalante (de Camp), Tantalis, Indonesia (Sanchos, [Jantsang]), Australia; Antarctica (Flem-Ath, Hancock), Maldives/Laccadives (Hancock), Pangaea (Fasold).

My data/info is too long to put here but it can be seen on my free web page Atlantis article. Briefly my conclusion after analysis, deduction/elimination etc was that:
(A) Atlantis was real not just an "operative fiction",
(B) Atlantis was a continent/large island,
(C) Atlantis was in Atlantic but was not the Atlantic,
(D) Atlantis was either/both America(s) &/or Armorica plate,
(E) Atlantis genuinely appeared to have sunk when it really continentally shifted ~ 2 x as far away.

I'm not sure if the poster of post number 22 was refering to my theory or the other different theories when s/he said some say Atlantis was Pangaea. But if so then I must correct this misunderstanding since I never did (mean to say) "Atlantis was Pangaea", but only said that Atlantis continentally shifted ie is only a part/remnant of Pangaea.
I have a question. Why are the Sumerians being ignored in all this? They pre-date Egypt by quite a bit; show a steady rather than dramatic technological progress, their written language shows the same from very simple 'accountancy' origins up to writting the first (known) epic poem/novel. Their building technology shows the same gradual improvement and they are the first know people to build and live in cities (with the possible exception of the Indus Vally for that last point). Also, curious little point I picked up from 'LEGEND' by David Rohl- this sudden 'explosion' of written language, building etc in Egypt (which happened before the pyramid building but probably after the Sphynx)-all show remarkable similarities to the Sumerian equivilant technology from the same time... why is it not possible that these were the people who developed it all-slowly through trial and error and either by trade, invashion or other means, 'exported' the skills? Why did it have to be taught to them by a 'more advanced people? where did these 'more' advanced people get their information from and so on and so on and so on etc? I don't deny the possibility of a lost pre Ice age civilisation (& why not call them Atlantieans). But it was THOUSANDS of years from the end of the last ice age to the Sumerians, or Egyptians- keeping all that technolical skill for that length of time without using it? Why? It was lost, so was their technology- mankind started again. That's my opinion anyway.