The 9/11 conspiracy



A thread dedicated to what happened on that dreadful day.

All additions to the body of evidence that suggest or refute a conspiracy in one tidy room!

I open with a TV Interview with a scientist who says Thermite was used and a second one showing how thermite works.

YouTube - A danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust ( english subtitles )
High T3ch Thermite vs Car

When the scientist says that it is a question for the security company responsible for the Twin Towers Complex as to how the quantity of thermite required got into the buildings it is George W Bush's younger brother, Marvin, we need to ask. Not only was his company involved in security there but also at Dulles Airport AND United Airlines.

9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush
I do think that all aspects of 9/11 should be thoroughly investigated.

Not because I necessarily believe in conspiracies, but anything that catastrophic should be analyzed to better understand how we might prevent events like it in the future.

And somebody needs to explain Building 7 to me.
I first looked at the evidence after being prompted to do so here. What I found was overwhelming. Before looking at the evidence I had just assumed the official story was more or less plausible and was unaware of the evidence to the contrary. Its such an "in your face event" and of such magnitude it is difficult to believe it was an inside job in which your President was a player. But that is, in my opinion, the truth of it.
People are very complacent, so don't expect anyone to get radical about it.
Too much to lose.
There's that, plus the apathy inducing chemicals in the water and doled out by the p-harm-assist aren't helping.