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I've just upgraded the forum software, but if your browser has any of the older software files cached you may experience some errors.

Simply using the site and refreshing pages can help, but if any errors persist, you'll need to consider emptying your browser cache.

If anyone has any issues with this, please do let me know. :)
Are there any features of this upgrade that we should be made aware of?
Well seems ok with IE 8 XP Home etc. I'll test it with linux if I ever get the wireless net drivers configured.
Yeah, there is definitely some issues with the presentation in the social groups area. I get a lot of x'd out images on the directory buttons.

Right - see if that helps. :)
Very cool. Now, we need all those who started social groups to pick out and upload their group icons/avatars. :)
Cyberspace Interior Design and Cat (and other critters) Lovers have theirs up.
Why, yes it is, thank you for noticing. Except for the anti-social social group.

Actually I was referring to the fact that IO was itself a social group. So how come nobody's invited me to join their little clique?

Never mind... I can guess. :p
No invitation is necessary, you have access already. Click on your little name, and a drop down menu will appear. Click on View Public Profile and see a whole new universe unfold!

Scroll down until you see the Social Groups listed on the right hand side and choose your poison...
Hmm, looks like the rewrite rules are causing issues.

I upgrade one set of software, and now need to wait for an update on the rest!
Sometimes I click on the little multi-quote icon and instead of turning orange it goes directly to the respone box. If I backspace I can go back again...and it is orange and waiting..pain to have to repeat...I've tried dumping cookies...anyone have any other idear? access to the social groups somehow limited? I was on a long time users profile and noticed that access wasn't in the usual didn't seem like there was access anywhere on the page???

Here's a link to the social group pages for anybody who may feel left out:

I just checked another profile seems that only those who have already been active on the social groups have access through their profiles, and access seems absent on the profiles of those who have yet to participate.

(Hardly seems conducive to expanding the social group area if access is somehow limited???)

Just checked a third profile of someone who is active on the social groups and access is there for that person.
There's no intentional change - it just like a bug between two core software modules on the forums that aren't working properly in sync. Will look to see if there's an update for the other to address this.
I didn't figure it was intentional, but I did think it worthy of mention. Thanks for all you do Brian, I know upgrades can sometimes be a pain.