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Sometime next Sept-October, my hubby and I want to visit Australia. I have a few really good friends who live near Perth; however we want to spend 4-6 weeks to explore starting with Melbourne and traveling west along the coast until we reach Perth (by car). Any advice for us?
Travel agents to contact in helping us to plan; sights to see; what is the weather like that time of year; etc. Thanks, Jan :)
Ok, thats a good time of year to travel. Its spring. However I cant give you any advice on melbourne, or W.A. I Have never been to either of those places. I live in tropical Queensland and have only ventured south to New South Wales. LOL.

i do know however, that if you will be driving from Melbourne to Perth, Its a long journey and the Nullabor plain is probably the most boring drive you will ever encounter. LOL.
But you guys are tourists, so you might find it interesting.
If I was you I would do some research on the net, There is an awexome car rental place here and they are all over Oz. Wicked campers. They have these campervans all decked out, cheap as chips but the cool thing is that they are all creatively painted and individual. They are really noticeable and hve all the mod cons.
Btw, sept/oct would be a great time to come to Hervey Bay, Qld, as its right in the middle of the whale watching season and you can "get up close and personal" with the Humpback Whales.
best of luck