Doctrine ?

It is a toilet in a hospital or other medical establishment solely for the use of people in white coats with stethoscopes round their necks.
What is doctrine ?


noun [C or U]
a belief or set of beliefs, especially political or religious, taught and accepted by a particular group:
Christian doctrine
The president said he would not go against sound military doctrine.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press

and why should people believe it ?
One can't "test" everything all the time as one exists from moment to moment so we all accept stuff that we have not actually discovered ourselves. So we use frames of reference to guide us, whether religious or secular.

There are times of course when this doctrine becomes a straitjacket and needs to be challenged...

set of beliefs, especially political or religious, taught and accepted by a particular group
why should people believe it ?
I'd say it is because it is something we feel comfortable with.

Now I guess I'm just an anti doctrine kinda guy. As I don't ascribe to any particular political party as I can't agree with their agenda completely, or even half way I suppose. Our two major parties here in the states I have many difficulties with both....which has left me to proudly be a third party voter... the place where change is made.

Religiously my church claims no doctrine. Despite that we have 'principles' now I can't realy define the difference. I think it is doctrine. and since we follow Jesus...more doctrine. Now folks also say we don't have any ritual, but I sure say we do. I believe both of these are somewhat most of the folks come from churches with a lot more ritual, and a lot more doctrine, so for them they see it as none or little, but I see it different. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

So I guess I'm just doctrine kinda guy.
Doctrines are good. It is when people become closed-minded and pushy about them that they become dogma.

A person should not believe a particular set of doctrines when that set of doctrines does not make sense to that person. That person should always allow him or herself to give up on a set of doctrines that does not make sense. There is also the problem of losing friends that still believe in that set of doctrines, but the person must be strong enough to give up those friends when that set of doctrines does not make sense any more.
A doctrine is a teaching.
So without a doctrine, there is no knowledge.

Why should people believe it?
Why do people pursue knowledge?