Obama and the Military

F-22's are not requred, the pentagon has not wanted them for years. And has been requesting the funding to be cut. The senate finally stepped up and shut down congress...

The cliff note version.... years ago they lied (surprise) about the cost of the project, and in order to garner enough votes they spread the money around, ie one state builds the wiring harness, another the tires, another the canopies, another the computer boards...and around the country we go each congressional district needed for the votes gets a piece of the pie. Then as the planes come in the costs sky rocket, but we need to keep our constituents happy and money flowing into our factories, and we keep voting...

Over time the jet becomes obsolete, we can build better for less and besides that kinda dogfight warfare is over, we own the skies and nobody has anything in the pipeline that can match us for 20 years. Pentagon says no more, but year after year congress refuses and commissions more planes.

Has nothing to do with budget cuts, peace, or Obama, it is simply the Senate refused to have egg on their face funding something for the military that the military hasn't wanted for over a decade...(hint, they want to use the money for something else)