An unanswerable question to fanatics of Islam/Hindu/Christian etc

Well, it won't matter anyways prolly since the supervolcano under yellowstone national park is about to splode and kill us all... ;)
There is that now, isn't there.
Cheery thought to start my day with.
Oh, you can always count on me for a cheery thought! :D
Thank ...(fill in your own)... for cheery thoughts.

I've just read all of this conversation and it's interesting.
I think I can add this:
We humans have been blessed with reason. Blind faith has little or sometimes no value. Sometimes it leads people to ungodly acts.
If we are reasonably sane then reason should eventually tell us that our primary work is with fixing ourselves, not with converting or correcting others.
The shining example is the most effective tool for change.
For those who find doctrine amusing there exists indoctrination. God bless those who think for themselves.
To Param who posted this question.

You first ask a question and then write "you do not have the answer". Let people write their answers first. Yours is not a question it is simply a self expression.