What is your favorite Iced Cream flavor?

the lactose intolerant have to steer clear of the heavy cream ice-creams...(as in other things, this too we learn via experience) you Breyers/etc eaters are indeed fortunate.

so, the run of the mill variety suffices, and there, i tend toward the French Vanilla.

the other day, my daughter brought home a new pkg. Cotton Candy.

yeah. sure.

but, it sure as heck tasted just like that ol county fair cotton candy!

was in seventh heaven. near ate the whole half-gallon by myself!

gonna have to throw some purty direct hints :D the next time she goes grocery shoppin.
*enters apartment complex, dragging granni behind, heads directly to manager's apartment and knocks on his door*

"She followed me home. Can I keep her? Please?" :D

You have the same sort of "caustic humor" my late father had.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
ROFLMBO!!! (laughed so hard, ya done made my eyes water!!)

*pleads with the manager*

"ya see...it's like this. ah been net-napped. and, by a Wisconsonial to boot!!

*thinks* .....cheeseheads....peshaw........yeahhhh vikings!

*remembers phyllis's freezer....full of great ice-creams.....all sickining stuff....takes 10 lactaid*

"wal. set me free. jes, wait a lil while...................................................."

now, phyllis, caustic? a lil dry mebe. but, caustic? ok..... mebe jes a lil........LMBO!!
Old thread... timeless subject...

Do they make an ice cream called Mosse Tracks in other countries. And another one... Bear Claw (that's the hubby's favorite)

oops I meant moose tracks...

Moss tracks would be green fuzzy and GACK!
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Chocolate of course. Vanilla has the pleasing flavour however chocolate would add depth. Actually a Mayan Chocolate with a hint of cinnamon would probably suit.

Mmmm... Haagen Daazs Mayan Chocolate
vanill with chocolate chip. uuuughhhh. that is soooo good. especially when you eat it and watch a good movie at the same time.
No I don't like Cookies and cream either.

These are my favorite Ice Cream Concoctions:

1. Breyers All Natural Vanilla with crushed chocolate bar of choice. Usually Crispy Crunch or Reese Cups
2. Breyers All Natural Vanilla with strawberries smashed at room temp.
3. Breyers All Natural Vanilla with Warm Cinnamony Apple Crisp
4. Haagen Daazs Mayan Chocolate (To Die For)
5. Island Farms Moose Tracks

6. If you are at a low quality Ice Cream Stand Expresso Flake will do nicely

7. Last but no least, and now I am hungry too... there is this restaurant on Vancouver Island that sells the best Mexican Fried Ice Cream ever with corn flake crumbs and honey with cinnamon.

Is it lunchtime yet?