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  • Did I ever thank you for joining the Umbrella group? So far membership hasn't been too large, so I'm thinking about closing the club. Sad, since it was the first group on the site.
    Ok, I admit telling Seattle not to change that avatar, because its got a recursive 'balance' thing going for it. She could change it if she wanted to, but you'd have told her the same thing. Take a look at the whole picture and try to count all of the balanced pairs of things in it: Immortal Suite
    I meant the quality of animal's lives more than my own. I mean even though I'd be willing to eat meat under certain circumstances, I doubt I'll ever see any of those circumstances come about because I'm too idealist and our society is too industrialized. I don't find the current free range regs satisfactory at all.

    In terms of finding food, if you don't have a health food store near you, I get a lot of bulk staple food (as well as spices, teas and cooking supplies) from this site: Bulk Food Distributor, Wholesale Spices, Nuts, Chocolates and Candy Online I honestly don't think buying seitan in the stores is worth it because it's very easy to make from vital wheat gluten. You can find quinoa on the site too which can be used very similarly to rice. It does, however, need to be rinsed first to remove the saponin that's on the outside. Another thing you might want to look into, if you're on that site, is nutritional yeast. It's a non-active yeast that's high in B vitamins (which can be lacking in a vegan diet) and is useful in cooking to get a cheesy flavor. Good on popcorn too. Even if there is say a whole foods near you, you can get those types of goods cheaper from that site and as long as your order is over a certain cost (I forget what) shipping is free.

    My weight's actually gone up a little. I'm about 137 now. It's due to my diet, my height and my metabolism. I'm 5' 7 1/2", always had a very high metabolism and have been vegan for a couple of years. I think it's mostly due to the second two though. If my metabolism slows as I age I'll probably have to change my eating habits. lol.

    My pleasure on the links. If you've got any other questions feel free to give a holler.
    Ahhh, not into my Batman genre, sorry dude. I prefer the feathered type of Penguin! lol Thanks they are cute indeed, have their moments though, much to work on. Both rescued dogs so have issues unfortunately.

    clothing is things like wool, leather that come from animals. I personally own leather products from before I went vegan that I have no intention to stop using and I don't have any issue with buying leather goods second hand, mainly belts really. My own reason for veganism has more to do with quality of life than killing animals which puts me at odds with a lot of other vegans.

    There are a lot of common myths in the vegan and vegetarian communities that are being used to support the diets. I don't know if you've been exposed to any of them but a good site by a, I think vegetarian but maybe vegan, who goes out of his way to debunk them for the sake of intellectual honesty is this one: Beyond Vegetarianism--Raw Food, Vegan, Fruitarian, Paleo Diets It doesn't deal with the ethical motivations which I think are hard to challenge while being intellectually honest, just others.

    "i mean, i know God approves of eating meat in the TANACH, but for crying out loud, not like this! do you know what i mean?"

    Yeah I know exactly what you mean. That's very in line with my own thinking. I do think we eat too much meat and because it's all driven by quotas the animals suffer. Despite being a vegan, I still think it would be an awesome thing to be able to go back in time and experience what it was like to be in Jerusalem on one of the major festivals and bring an offering. One of the things I do find interesting biblically from a veg standpoint is the lack of meat consumption until after the flood.

    Mad Cows Disease can take years to show up and I'm concerned in the states in a few years we'll start seeing people with it because the regs haven't been tightened.

    I do eat soy products and I try to limit my soy intake. I drink rice milk instead of soy milk and lately I've cut out TVP which based on my research is the only thing that's reliably caused issues in studies. It's very heavily processed. I also eat seitan, an excellent source of protein made from wheat gluten that's very tasty and can be prepared for cheap at home from vital wheat gluten. There are other good sources of protein. Generally vegans have to be more concerned with ensuring the consumption of complete proteins which are a combination of a grain and a bean, not necessarily in the same meal. There are some other complete proteins that are vegan, like in quinoa.
    Hey Leo.

    Vegetarianism: Umbrella term but when used alone often refers to those who eat dairy, eggs and the like but refrain from eating meat.

    Strict Vegetarian: Someone who additionally doesn't eat eggs, dairy and the like.

    Vegan: Someone who eats like a strict vegetarian and applies that ethic to other products that are not edible like clothing.

    I'm a vegan. I don't eat any dairy products. I have found there are some good substitutes for certain types of products like butter, cream cheese, sour cream. I'm not terribly fond of most vegan cheeses but I do find, in order to add a cheesy flavor, nutritional yeast works well. If you're cutting out a lot from your diet, if you haven't already, it would be a good idea to either see a nutritionist or read a book on vegan/vegetarian nutrition and make sure you're getting all of the vitamins you need. If you're looking for recipes, this is an awesome resource: VegWeb.com - Vegan Recipes and Cooking Tips
    seattlegal! wow, thanks for your signature. it is an honor, ma'am. as for dream, heez juz jealous. tee hee hee.

    oh and dream. very true. you probably got that from proverbs 27:20. you sly person you!
    I love changing my avatar. I love it when other people change their avatar. The eye never has enough of seeing.
    to whomever it may concern:

    you may have heard somewhere that we are all different. though that may be true, we are really the same. one day we will all see this together and when we do, get ready for a new beginning filled with tears of bliss and the type of hugs that will make us one.

    during my stay here at cr, i have learned so much from all of you. i don't want to mention names because that would be like i have favorites and that is not my intention, i assure you! what i do assure you is that without you guys and gals perspectives on life, i wouldn't have learned to be a better human being. i have seen so much through all of your eyes and i hope that one day we can share this knowledge with the world.

    what i am trying to say is that if anyone here ever needs to talk to someone, i'm all ears. in this case, "eyes".
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