please participate in the elijah interfaith institute's religious leadership survey‏


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London, UK, Malkhut she'be'Assiyah
i'm not affiliated with the elijah interfaith institute ( http:Elijah Interfaith: Elijah Interfaith Website ), but i do know the boss and strongly approve of his work. i'd appreciate it if any of you could fill out this survey.

Please Participate In Elijah's Survey on Religious Leadership!

Religious Leadership Survey

This coming October, the Elijah Board of World Religious Leader will convene for its fourth in-person meeting. The topic, chosen by the leaders is "Religious Leadership for the Future". We seek to facilitate a conversation within our Board of World Religious Leaders on the meaning of being a religious leader today, the common challenges we all face, and how these might affect the training of the next generation of religious leaders. In preparation for the meeting, Elijah (with the help of Delixus) is conducting a worldwide survey regarding attitudes to religious leadership both personal/local and higher level (national/international). There is no data available on the issues that are of interest to us and we have therefore decided to launch this survey. Its results will inform the leaders' discussions. We are asking you to help prepare the forthcoming meeting by answering the survey. It is designed to take around 10 minutes and going through the survey could itself be a challenging moment, that will provide you with food for thought. Please help us by clicking on the link below and responding to this survey. And please help us further by disseminating this survey to friends, colleagues etc. We would like the results to be as broad and as international as possible. We still need several hundred (!) respondents in order to obtain statistically meaningful international results. Please be part of our work by taking the survey

The survey is now available in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew and Polish.

Religious Leadership Survey

We appreciate your collaboration. And to those of you who have taken the survey – thank you.