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a figment of your imagination
This is a game my kids play...

Once you learn the game you are playing the game.

So don't read any more if you don't want to play the game.

Once you know the rules of the game you are in the game forever.

In real (not virtual life) at this point you'd state in agreement that you want to play the game.

Here however continuing to read is your tacit compliance with the above and an indication that you are now playing the game.

The game never ends, the game is played forever.

You can never win the game.

You lose the game by remembering the game.

Once you've learned the rules you have 15 minutes....the game resets every fifteen minutes you can't lose the game twice in fifteen minutes.

When you lose the game you say outloud, "I lost the game."

Then everyone else playing the game says, "I lost the game"

And the game is reset for fifteen minutes.

So do you best to forget the game and the rules, and you'll be playing until you remember it and lose.

Now I was wondering who plays this game so at random times I've said...

I lost the game.

Now most of the time it is youth under 25 who say I lost the game, and it is a higher percentage of your science, math, nerdy types....

but every now and then folks decade older shake their fist at me and say... I lost the game.

have fun...