We don't need no ejukashun


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By all means, keep your eyes glued to CSPAN today at noon, if you're in the States ... or watch Obama's speech to America's children on the Internet when you get a chance. Seems he's going to DARE to try and tell our kids they should actually stay in school instead of becoming dropouts.

I mean, can you believe the audacity of this guy! Ridiculous! Outrageous! RADICAL!!!

Surely after such greats as Ronald RAYGUNSSSSS ... and George Bush, Sr. made such speeches to kids, there's nothing left that needs saying, right? And clearly, while these former presidents were well-justified in their kindly encouragements, to have some kinda socialist, pinko, ultra-liberal NUT up there preaching at our kids - well! We just can't have it!!!

I dunno who he thinks he is, or what he thinks he's gonna accomplish. Where does he get off trying to send these confusing, mixed messages to our dear, dear Jesus-loving, god-fearing, well-respected conservatives? Obviously if your kid is in school, the only reason he's there to begin with is to show that in this great nation of ours, we STILL have the wherewithal to DEFY the odds and climb aboard stopped schoolbuses ... and hey, little Johnny has every right to pick fights with all the smart kids and prove that true to promise, the South's gonna rise again!

Despite missing a few IQ points, our kids DESERVE to do everything in their power to create a general nuisance in the schools and be a total disruption to the learning process in general. Remember, when learning takes place, it shows the failings of the system. Schools aren't there for learnin'. SUNDAY SCHOOL is where the real facts are taught. School is free DAY CARE, idiots!

SO BACK OFF, Obama! Keep yore paws off my 5th grader! He's smarter'n yew and yore komunist staffs anyways. We don't need no steenking ejukashun. We're jess fine the way we are. Jesus didn't have no ejukashun, and neither does my kids need to have one. So I'm keepin' 'em all home today and we're gonna have extra Bible lessons while yore up thar brainwashin' the leftos.
Even though my kids are homeschooled, I made them watch the President's speech and write a paper on it. There was nothing in the speech I found derogatory and it was more of a pep speech than anything else.

I think the fear was the hype generated by the media (good heavens, them again?), that Obama was going to 'indoctrinate' our children into his political education agenda, especially since the wording of the original assignment was suspect. It originally said, ""Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president." That was changed prior to broadcast to, "Write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short‐term and long‐term education goals.”, but even if it wasn't, it didn't seem that controversal to me.

What surprised me was that a cursory survey of my workmates revealed that hardly any of their kids were made to watch the speech in their respective schools. So apparently it wasn't a universal requirement anyhow.

As for my own kids, I made them watch it so they can be more aware of the issues facing education today and wanted them to see what the President had to say about it. My older daughter is going to use the asignment as a springboard for a longer editorial paper due in her History class. So it worked out well.
Schools all over did not have it live because they got so many letters insisting their child not view it.

Ridiculous. I remember cramming into libraries and multipurpose rooms and science rooms (all our rooms didn't have TVs) so we could see the President speak.

Keeping children home from school so they wouldn't run the risk of seeing the President speak....

Yes our bigotry is shining thru.
yeh l saw a bit of that on the news and the many banner waving opponents on the streets with 'keep your socialism away from my kids' and such like...yet in his speech to a bunch of kids he emphasised not just that they do the best for themselves but also the best for the country therefore nationalistic which l have never seen that objected to before, god bless america et al, so is there a schitzoid nature lurking around [as with probably most disillusioned countries nowadays post crash]?