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Alias, aliases, I keep hearing about this person is an alias, that person is an alias !!:D There are more aliases here than libertarians :D !!

With all these alias, what is a real personality to do ?? :D

I am beginning to wonder, with 5,000 members of this forum, is it really only me and Brian, and 4,998 aliases ? :D

By the way (here comes the real purpose of this thread), can anyone tell me how I cloak my IP address ?? :D

Oops, I think that is a question for one of the other forums I am a member of :D !! Woof woof !!
I think that in the beginning a forum needs a few aliases. After a forum gets going then supporting aliases is just time consuming/unprofitable. There may be a couple of them here. Aliases are important, because they allow people to get a fresh start. Sometimes aliases get abused, but the potential of renewal is worth the cost.
I had a couple when I was banned, but did little to prevent it being obvious it was me. Certainly never had an alias to try and hide for whatever reason.

Oh by the way, I know I have been fairly quiet of late, but I still read catch-up most days. A new job that is physically demanding leaves me too tired to think most evenings though. And next week I am off to Ribnik in Poland to experience the spectacle that is a Polish wedding. They are 2 day events with a bottle of vodka per day per person allocation......sounds like my kind of gig ;-)