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Hi everybody
Following are some tips to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Note your sleep patterns to help you find out the cause of your insomnia.
  • Drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey before going to bed.
  • Establish regular sleeping hours and have a warm bath before going to bed.
  • Exercise regularly either in the morning or evening but not before going to bed.
Namaste and Welcome Sehat,

Great points...(not big on milk though)

The one I learned was the bed has two uses, if you aren't doing one or the other, get up and do something else. Eventually your body will figure it out.
That was a useful tips...
It might help me because sometimes I feel insomnia...
Also avoid too much booze or coffee... especially in combination.

Hmmm not totally sure about this... Cause I -only- consume coffee... That is all I drink.... On average I am now not drinking as much about 30 mugs a day. Oh I occasionally drink coke and lucozade... But... Minor detail... I am pretty much 99.8% coffee consumption...... I sleep like a baby. So I don't buy your advice lol.

I will offer some advice that will work though :)

Walk and exercise before you sleep.
Inject Etorphine Hydrochlorie into your jugular. :D
Consume delta tetrahydrocannabinol from an INDICIA strain. (NOT sativa strain)
Oh and being talked about in another thread (tao would debate this maybe?) Consume some special K.




That was a useful tips...
It might help me because sometimes I feel insomnia...

*Low londoner tone*
Insomnia release me, an let me dream, of making sweet love, to my girl on the heath, I, can't, get, no sleep!

*dances around with glow sticks*
Namaste Alex,

I know that was a little sharp. But it also is a fact. I like ya brother, continous coffee consumption like that will take its toll on your adrenals and who knows what other complications.

Moderation, this is the health section after all....

Had a kid ask me the other day while I was filling my tank if I'd buy a couple packs of cigarettes for him. I informed him that I also had kids his age, and they both only have one grandparent, the other three died before they knew them, the other three smoked.
Nah I didn't find it sharp. I gave the example in reply that my dad died at 52 and didn't touch coffee... Did drink sure, and that is why I removed my post... But... Then I recalled that drinking had nothing to do with his reason of death. May sound strange but if I die at 63 then I die at 63.... I really wouldn't want to be like 100 something... You know? Where you revert back to a baby... You need nappies(diapers?) You have to be fed... Forget who the f you are and where you are lol... I wouldn't want that. My pride is too large for that.

Coffee is all I like to drink man :/ Four cubes of nice brown sugar... Some full cream milk... Two and a bit spoonfuls of coffee.... That is just... My drink lol.. There isn't anything else I want to drink lol... I just accept that, that's my 'thing'.

One of my grandparents smoked... They lived the longest. So I dunno go figure? It's a mystery... She was on at least a pack of day... Dead at 93. I don't buy cigarettes for kids either... I'm a **** to be honest.. The way I'd "learn um" is by agreeing taking their cash... And just... Not returning lol. Then again when I was like 13 I'd be smoking... Although I used just bully/take the cigarettes from other school kids.... Cheaper you see.. I didn't get f all money as a kid... Which I think is right.. But, others paid lol... I guess that wasn't so good. I agree you did the right thing saying no, I recall, clearly at school a lunch break with a few of my usual henchmen that I'd never get addicted to smoking.. It was just, a thing.
Yes, we've always got the anecdotal evidence of those that do tremendously bad stuff for their health but have extremely good genes and immune systems. But the stats show otherwise...

And as for living long...I'd like to live to 125 with options for renewal...but the definition of 'live' to me is not simply to be alive, but not to be under care. I've got no interest in my last years of life spent in bed...or a burden...I prefer to be a burden now.
125??? The human body would... Just... Be falling to bit at that age surley. No matter how well you look after yourself. The human isn't a vessel which is built to last. The existance of a man is a mere blink...

Like I have joked about old people and needing new hips and that... And if you think about it... It's just our bones and body crumbles and fails...

Definition of 'live' to me is also not simply to be alive... But to take full advantage and granted of the things you find to enjoy in this life..

Kahlan: “You never told him? You were supposed to train him. Prepare him. What have you been doing for the last twenty years?”
Zedd: “Letting him catch worms. Steal apples. Skin his knees. Find out what makes his heart beat faster.”

Turn your clock away so you cannot see it from your bed
All lights off, sound off, tv off, mirrors never facing the bed
Be in bed before 10pm
Go to bed on an empty stomach
Avoid any stimulation like tv a few hours prior
I used to have insomnia. I would lay in bed and my brain would be buzzing 100mph for hours and hours. One day I read this trick and tried it and omg it worked and within a week I was cured of insomnia and to this day I can fall asleep anywhere anytime without a problem. I will still do this when I have anxiety or stress and I cannot sleep and it still works.

First lay in bed and get comfortable.. Let your body melt into the mattress.. and then take a slow deep breath inhaling through your nose until your lungs are full and can take no more.. then let the air out through your mouth as slow as possible. This whole process needs to be done as slow as possible about 3- 5 times.

The next step .. Create a story in your mind .. create every minute detail of the story.. remember this story. You will find that you fall asleep without realizing it. If you nod off and wake up just keep at it until you fall deeply asleep.

The next night repeat the breathing and start imaging that same story with each minute detail you created the night before.

I can promise you that within a week you will find that you will not make it as far through your story before you fall asleep .

Why this works? I think it has something to do with the oxygen from the breathing and the calming of the mind by focusing. Its probably some sort of mediation.. I don’t know Im not really into that lol Anyways give it a try. It works
Nice FS! I don't have the issue, but will be sure to pass on to folks that do.

Molst folks around me have insomnia issues due to my snoring....

  • Drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey before going to bed.

I think this tip only a few can follow as many do not like to drink milk. Maybe a hot water can be an alternative for this one?
Sleeping is very important, it somehow recharges our body from the activities we have done.
Create a bedtime ritual

Do the same things each night to tell your body it's time to wind down. This might include taking a warm bath or shower, reading a book, or listening to soothing music — preferably with the lights dimmed.