Anti-Islamists banned from Bradford march

can't beat a bit of immigration to mix up that gene pool a bit...

take away all the immigrants and who'd the edl have to moan and hate against...sure they'd find someone or summat. the country would be no better without the diversity of immigration and possibly worse.

it's all quite strange- neo nazis who love britain??? and hitler!? does that mean they would have prefered "great!" britain to have lost to zee germans in wwii.

i may prefer to live here than many countries, but they being wrong doesn't make us great or right. this country is a mess and they talk of british pride, pride for what?! terrorists on every street corner, drug misuse, violence everywhere, random police searches by the nanny state....

i don't like our laws, praps i should go back to ireland....

folk just love to blame others for the mess they and the country are in...telling us how crap "iraq" apparently is, on the news, just makes us more placid and accepting of the mess and travesty here and like mindless automatons we lap it up, cos hate and drama give us the feeling of purpose...united in misery and hate against some proposed enemy or target...
Well Chakraman! One must uphold proper morales what what!?

Oh they are, but saying that even some of my fellow Englishmen are strange! At my sisters birthday not too long ago I was meeting with family from the north... And I have to say, I couldn't understand a word they said.

I never speak for all! One of the greatest lessons I have learnt I guess.
Of course I'm not affiliated, I do however see their side and I respect their say, as I would wish mine to be respected ...
Respecting the "say" of a reprehensible bigot is reprehensible and, in my opinion, wholly undeserving of respect. Do not confuse defending the right of free speech with indiscriminately respecting the content of that speech.
unfortunately, the edl are a symptom of a very real problem, which has been successively ignored and exacerbated by governments and opinion formers over the years. it's not about immigration, it's about the alienation of the white working class and the denial of a narrative to this group. i am interested in the edl because i think it is a manifestation of a reaction against this, but there are too many interests that see it through their own prism of ideology - the far right are one, the "anti-fascist" far left are another, meanwhile the actual group that are attempting to express themselves are left without a distinct means of expressing themselves; i am strongly reminded of the french muslim women's movement known as "ni putes ni soumises" - neither whores nor doormats, which rejects both sides of the argument and attempts to posit a third way. this has not so far been achieved by the edl, if my analysis is correct. at the end of the day, it's not enough to be defined by what you don't want, you have to be defined by something [realistic] that you do want.