watch channel 4 tonight

A link from Channel 4? Not bad. :)

It's just a shame that I haven't been able to put more texts up - always been my intention to have much more - but I'll see if I can rectify that very soon. :)

Not sure if I'll have time for the program - got a major work project to finish for tonight.
oh, never mind, programme was resolutely uninformative. the presenter (some anthropologist) started off by christianbashing ("but was this all just 2000 years of christian propaganda?") and returned to it every so often, whilst spinning some theories about why "pagans" (and no attempt to say what he meant by pagans) did various things, like shagging horses, taking saunas and boiling year-old corpses. all of which were presented as being very spiritual and so on. one of the farrers was a consultant on the programme but there seems not very much attempt to approach things systematically, whilst quite a lot of soft-focus nudey circle dancing and birch-twig sauna action. nothing very interesting really - on one hand seemingly value-free and dispassionate (which should be good) and on the other hand feeling free to have a go at christianity as if it was one big thing and being all warm and fuzzy about paganism as it that, too, was one big thing.


It was a good call to see the programme - make no mistake about that. Sounds like it had some interesting information, if a little skewed.