Hex does the person being jinxed realize



If you cast a jinx spell/hex spell and you state in the spell that the person will realize the reason as to why they are being jinxed so because they realize why they are being jinxed so out of fear of being jinxed forever they will do what you ask them, will the person being jinxed actually realize that is why they are beng jinxed and then comply with what you want them to do automatically?
Lover in your moniker seems completely out of touch with the methodologies you inquire about in your posts.

Taking time out of my life to contemplate 'jinxing', 'hexing', or any other method other than saying..."Hey, I've got an issue, lets work this out..." is beyond me.
I'm with Wil on this -- and you'll find that many modern Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans agree that attempting to hex or jinx someone is messing with bad magick.

There's a reason why Wiccans talk a lot about the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do what you will." It's because one of the basic premises of magick is that everything is connected -- it's how magick works -- and if you are sending out harmful energies you should expect the same sort of energy to come back to you, often amplified. Those ripples you send out bounce back on you so you would be wisest to only send out helpful, healing, and loving vibes!

Ben Gruagach