Divine Intervention v. Divine Inspiration

Discussion in 'Abrahamic Religions' started by wil, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. wil

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    Oct 17, 2005
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    So after all this it is my contention that the Divine Inspires....not actively...but that is simply the nature of the divine. Like Love....I believe G!d is love...not G!d is loving. G!d is inspriation as well. G!d is all there is, so when we access all there is we are naturally inspired. G!d inspires...not intervenes...man intervenes.

    To me it is like a sunset. Depending on your location/perspective, time/receptivity, atmosphere/environment, sight/focus/ability to see, and cloud cover/mental fog...one will view it differently...one might not even see it, one might have their mate in proximity and think it incredibly romantic, another may wish to capture it on canvas or with a photograph, another may call others so they will witness its glory as well, another may be turned away and not look or be completely unimpressed, while another may simply examine it scientifically the whole bending, refracting, reflecting of light by earth and particles.... But the sunset is not doing anything actively to cause these different viewpoints, understandings, contemplations or understandings...it is just being...the one and same for all people. It is people that recognize it and take the message differently....

    The divine inspires.....man interprets, intervenes....
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    The Loving of the Divine and the Goodness of the Divine flow over us to inspire us to Love and Good, which are the motivators for intervention. I like it!
  3. Ben Masada

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    God is not like a man to intervene or interfere in the exercising of any one's freewill. What, sometimes, seems to us, God's "hands" in our affairs, is but man's inner desire to blame others, especially God for our own wrongdoings.
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    I dont blame god for bad things that go on. However I believe god intervenes when your will is in line with his will. This is why his actions are always miracles that have to do with love compassion ect.

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