the scary thing about me

I have never seen a more potent drug than religion :D

Religion a potent drug...? It's a potent excuse for mindless stupidity and violence :) More freaking damage is done than good, that is for sure. Drugs on the other hand... More good than bad is done.... *runs around in nothing but a tight little red mini skirt and yellow inflatible swimming wings* I love aciiiiiid! lol...

Ladies you might get a bit hot under the collar....

Ok... here is me in my mini skirt and swim wings.... Just got out the shower....

Laughing at me or with me is allowed.. Laughing is the spring of life.... So get your fill :D My aim is to get people to either laugh with me, if I can't do that I'll try me best to get them to laugh at me...... Which, looking at it isn't too hard :D
the scary thing about me is............ that there is one person in this world that I would kill if I had the chance. (dont worry, I wont get the chance and he's not a CR person)
AHHH YESSSS My Dear...You have succumbed to my magical computer/keyboard mind control thingy again... heh...heh....heh !!!