Jesus was crucified upon...?

But isn't the Tau as "T" shaped and nothing like the current Christian crosses? Just trying to get my symbolism straightened out. :)

As for the Epistle of Barnabas - isn't that a late Moorish invention - around the 12th-13th centuries, originating from Spain?
They (whoever they is) say not. I was reading the many 'reasons' for dating, as ever they're uncertain but some of the components that it was composed of were spoken of early on. Now the GOSPEL of Barnabas, that's young.

And Tau in the Hebrew alphabet isn't even a cross, T or otherwise, so strike that. LOL I shouldn't post sleepy.

Edit: Or is it? I can only find the modern alphabet. And yes, I know in Ezekiel its used as a noun and not a shape.

Edit: I've found sites that claim to show the variation of the Hebrew alphabet, but I don't know how valid it is. But it does show the Tau as an evolving cross, X and T and +.
Ack - sounds like I'm mixing up my apocryphal gospels and epistles. :)
Update... LOL

I had one of them there evil secular Jews point out how wrong I was about the tav. I think it was an honest mistake, but I wish somebody had pointed my error out to me before I mentioned it in public.

Anyway, the Ezekiel story relates directly to the passover account in Exodus. And the tav 'n' represents the doorway (doorposts and lintel) marked with blood. But c'mon. Easy mistake. Every tav since the birth of written language has been a cross of some sort so I assumed...

I blame the Jews! LOL They changed it to spite me.
I said:
A tree? A stake?

A "T" cross? A "X" cross? The more familiar "+" cross?

What was Jesus actually crucified upon?
A dog wood tree.