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  • Q ~ Seems you were stationed with my brother....same bat time frame same bat island! I would love to send you a private inquiry but am new to the site and not sure how - please advise if interested. Bhairava
    Thank you bro, but I'm a lot like a wiggly worm (May God have good hands). I'd like be where you wish God to keep me, but I'm afraid with all the wiggle that he may have a hard time securing in the place I need to be.

    I hope you and Grey are doing well????
    I want to apologize for stand-offish comments I've made in the past and I hope we can make bygones. I have a lot of anger but I have taken it out in the wrong way with the wrong people.

    Merry Christmas Q,

    Were ya around, didja see the white stuff, no not talking about a CG coke bust...tis the season trying to get us in the mood!
    Hi Q. With Thomas gone, I've been called upon to occasionally defend the Catholic Church!!!! What is the DEEL????
    Question about Skype: When I first heard about Skype, somebody said it borrows user bandwidth to route calls over the net. Somebody else said it was free. Is it really a free service, or is it more like a limited service until you pay? Also, so you speak any Russian and/or Spanish?
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