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Welcome to the forums of, a new major resource for world religious writings. :)

And here's our first major competition - and entry is simple!

Just post a reply to this message to enter into a free draw. The single winner's prize is a $50 spending spree at, paid for my the site admin of comparative-religion.conm!

This contest will run until 12 pm GMT on September 1st 2003, when the topic will be closed.

On September 3rd 2003, all entry names will be placed in a hat and one single random draw will take place to determine that winner.

That winner will then be notified by e-mail with the relevant instructions.

Essentially, the winner will, at some point over the following 30 days of their congratualatory e-mail, select various products and services at - up to a maximum value of $50 - which will then be paid for by myself.

PLEASE NOTE: Any relevant shipping fees must be included within the $50 total. Further details will be communicated to the winner to ensure a smooth transaction for delivering at a time and date most suitable for them.


1/ This competition is open to anybody over 12 years of age, regardless of country of residence. I'll be paying shipping costs regardless of where you live.

2/ One entry per e-mail address allowed. You can enter with multiple e-mail addresses, but will need to register each separate e-mail address here. If you do, please ensure that you only use active e-mail addresses (see Rule 5).

3/ No purchase of any kind required. You will need to register to join the forum, but any details you give will not be used for any marketing purposes or sold to third parties whatsoever, and registration is free.

4/ Correspondence on the matter cannot be entered into, and the judges decision is final. Every effort will be made to ensure that this competition runs fair.

5/ In the event that the winner does not reply to their congratualtions e-mail within exactly 30 days of sending, then the prize will be offered to the winner of a second draw, and so no, until the prize is claimed.

So - go ahead and post!

Feel free to explore the Chronicles of Empire forum after you've posted, or else the main Chronicles of Empire site itself.

Good luck!


NOTE - When you register you will be presented with a Code of Conduct to agree/decline. This basically asks you not to post anything offensive or illegal here.

Once joined you will be sent your personal profile. This is simply for you to enter personal information for personalising your stay here. If you're not planning to stay long (and that will not prejudice your chances of winning), then simply enter your password you chose to join with to go direct to posting here.


And best of luck - to all of you.

EDIT - This competition is now closed! I'll announce the winner on September 4th.
This is a a very useful way to draw people to your board, it will be a well spent $50 to get your initial traffic going I guess.
Thanks for having this contest. I have a lot of items on my wish list at Amazon, so this would be a great win.
This is a great idea for a contest!
I Love! I want to win!
:eek: ::)hi, i just found your site .i never would have if you hadnt run this swepstkes it a good prize and a great incentive to get new members . im going to tell me friends about you and i want to know more about what is avalible here
thank you and good luck every 1 ::) ::)
thanks for hosting the contest. appreciate it and looking forward to hear more new stuff from you all
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