WIN! $50 spree from

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i really want to win this ;D what do i need to post? ???
i need a topic :( amozon is great!
:book: A totally wonderful way to promote your site and garner new members ! It will be a joy to meet new people and exchange ideas with them ! I will be a regular visitor from now on :happy:
I hope I win! I'm getting married in September, and my fiance's birthday as well as my birthday are in September! (o:
Thanks for having this contest. Looking forward to being apart of this great forum. This forum should be around for along time to come or least til when Christ returns for us.

:eek: " Wow! " Winning $50.00 bucks to spend at is nice. I could buy some music cds and some playdough too. " Wow! " Talk about shopping, internet shopping is nice, only at
I am really excited about checking this new forum out, dear. Comparative religion is one of my avocations! It would be nice to win, but I'm just happy to be here!
I hope I get a chance to win this GC.
Kudos to the Administrator!!!!!
I am very interested in winning the gift certificate!
Please contact me if I win:
Not open for further replies.