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Hi everyone. I posted briefly somewhere else on the site, but I just saw this and thought I should say something. I'm Jewish. I'm leaning towards the Jewish Renewal movement, which doesn't consider itself a movement but rather post-denominational and tends to be more about the mystical experience and is very spiritual. They're always innovating and seem to be currently trying to shift from a masculine understanding of God to a feminine one. They're also extremely progressive on issues like gender equality, gay rights, social activism, animal rights, etc. and they don't mind adopting methods for meditation and ecstatic experience from other religions. Yes, it was founded by a bunch of hippies. Of course a couple of them where Lubavitcher Jews, but all the more reason for mystic experience. But I'm only leaning that way. I consider myself unaffiliated right now.

I'm working on finding myself. I've started doing contemplative meditation daily again and starting Saturday I will begin a form of meditation promoted by Nachman of Bratslav which is talking to God out loud. He said it should be done for an hour. I'll do it for 20 minutes after 10 minutes of contemplative meditation. It's supposed to build a greater awareness of God and be a sort of psychotherapy almost. Of course in this case one talks to their Maker. The warning that comes with it is to be careful not to become self-righteous.

I go to Hebrew College in Newton, MA. That's in the US of A. I've just started there. I'm going to be applying for my Bachelor's of Arts in Jewish Studies for January. I'm 20. I have 3 rats. Jaco is a girl named after the bassist -- I thought her navel was a penis. Mishka is also a girl, named for a word I found in a song. Shakti is a girl, who used to be very energetic but is now more mellow.

I like the study of religion as an academic discipline and the understanding of religion as something greater than that.

Some of the material in this introduction is entirely irrelevant and I've gone on blabbering enough.

Hi Dauer, and welcome to CR. Ah...rats are great, aren't they? :)