The Roman Empire


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I'm going to collect a series of informative links and dump them in threads specifically related to that topic.

In this instance I'm collecting some of the better links regarding the Roman Empire, as explored online. I'll try to keep this a continuing process, and feel free to suggest your own links.

And, yes, I'm a dedicated Romanophile. :)

The Roman Empire at the BBC:


The British Museum:


PBS cover the Roman Empire:

The Roman Empire ni the First Century

Then there's

The illustrated history of the Roman Empire

Maps of the Roman Empire

Maps of the Ancient World
If you have a special interest in the Roman Empire then what are your own ideas on why the Roman Empire collapsed?
Oh, that's right - go and ask a $64,000 question. :)

There is no single pinpoint cause of the fall - but if you want the simple answer, Roman practices changed to such an extent over 400 years that essentially the empire became too big, too cumbersome, and too badly staffed, for it to remain sustainable.
i have no idea why i think this, but for some reason i have it in my head that the fall of the roman empire was due to mainly lead poisoning/aquaducts etc. like i said, i dont know why i think that but i must have read it somewhere. forgive me if im wrong..........(again)lol. just a habit, being wrong, that is. lol.
I think I heard my Dad say something like that once. He's read Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, so maybe that's where its from.