Fort of Gymis


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"And the Eddas have preserved us the tradition that this "Fort of Gymis" consisted of a collection of underground burrows and "cellars," and its fort was presumably a stockade. But the Eddas add that after its capture it was made into a city by Thor and his descendants." - L.A. Waddell, The Makers of History and Civilization

I got this excerpt from Waddell. He makes several assertions in his book linking the Sumerians to the Germanic peoples. This part stood out because Gymis (which I think is the Giant Gymir) sounds like it could correspond to both Gilgamesh of Sumerian lit and Jamsheed of Irano-Afghan lit. It was a stockade and Gilgamesh built a walled city. It was also underground and Jamsheed's Var (prob. akin to words like Sum. Ur) was and underground enclosure. Does anyone know where the details pertaining to Gymis Fort are located in the Eddas?
I do not know about 'Forts of Gymis', but Indra was called 'Shatakratu', the destroyer of 100 forts of the dasas or dasyus, Vritra, Shambara, Vaal, Kuvaya, etc., and releasing the sun and the captivated waters from the caves where the demons had imprisioned the sun. As you might have read from Tilak's book, the long Arctic night in the Aryan homeland lasted for two months or a hundred days, but never more than that.