The Militant Doctrine

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    My honor is loyalty.

    Beware of those that hide their goals.

    Material is beyond form.

    Those that are weak in comparison with their potential are to be either brought back on the way, or shunned and by chance removed.

    Mastery of mind and body in conjunction with loyalty are the highest virtues.

    Aggression is a positive thing, not having manners is not.

    Do not hold a grudge over those genuinely stronger.

    Mastery is a goal to be pursued by any means in respect to loyalty.

    The irony of pure fatalism is that it pushes you to victory more than anything else.

    Beware of those passive aggressive.

    There is no shame in defeat.

    Pride yourself in those you were defeated by, and those that you defeated, but never become arrogant beyond your skill.

    All has a function, there is nothing unnatural.

    One does not have to like the hash laws of nature, all are subject to them.

    There is nothing wrong in copying the ways of others, it is not a shameful thing, great power rises out of this when done diligently.

    The merchant that tries to be a warrior, is still a merchant and will always be so.

    The only lesson the weaker can teach one stronger is never to underestimate how dishonorable they will stoop.

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    A Bob Dylan song is echoing in my memory here....

    That particular one might need some. A little goes a long ways.

    Welcome to IO. :)
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    so far...I likes me some divine monkey...
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    Personally, I'm very much for decriminalization ... though I believe there needs to be very careful regulation, in order to protect children and those who have a proven history of substance abuse ~ or psychological addictions which prove harmful to self or others.

    ;) :p

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