Chat Room Truth Challenge


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Aloha All Y'all,

I present for your amusement an old riddle with a techno update:

You are known as "Q", and have entered a Chat Room for the first time. You are greeted by the Room's Moderator, "M". M tells you the following:

Greetings Q, Welcome to our Chat Room! Only people who succeed with our Truth Challenge may visit us again. All others must leave, never to return.

For this visit only four folks are in the Room. You, me, and "A" and "B". One of the two others always tells the truth and the other always lies. The three of us know who is the Truth Teller, and who is the Liar.

Your task is to ask "A" and "B" the same single question which has either a "Yes" or "No" answer. From their answers you will tell me which one is the Truth Teller.

They will respond immediately after you ask the question. You have 45 seconds to ask the question to the first person, then 30 seconds to ask the same question of the other person.

What is your question? Time starts NOW!

Aloha.. Allen
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