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In the last few weeks I discovered amongst Christian texts that there was another man called Jesus, he was known as the Son of Nave. It says that he with Moses led their people out of Egypt. Further research showed that this was Joshua.

What is the view of Judaism on this Joshua's title of the Jesus Son of Nave?

Anything else to share ?

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The decision to use the name "Jesus" for the central character in the Jesus myth was very likely motivated by the desire to draw a parallel to the Exodus story. "Jesus" and "Joshua" are the same name. Jesus is simply the Greek version of the Hebrew name.

Joshua, of course, led the Isrealites in crossing over into the promised land. That included the crossing of the River Jordan where "Jesus" is baptized and begins his ministry in the gospel story. And of course, Jesus leads his disciples in crossing over into the "promised land" too.
yes interesting similarities....

also interesting that Jesus of Nazareth is recorded (in the bible anyway) to have only mentioned one prophet e.g. Jonah.

Dear All

I discovered information about Jesus Son of Nave because one day a few weeks ago I kept hearing the words Jesse, I used to know a man called Jess in my personal life many years ago and so did nothing about this message. Then one day I was on computer and I heard loudly 'Bibilical Jesse' so I said OK I will take a look, so I did a search on Jesse and sure enough I found the biblical Jesse. He was father of King David and Davids name was David Ben Jesse. While reading the notes on about Jesse and King David I discovered that I had been led to Jesus Son of Nave (Nave being the English translation of the Egyptian name Nun). Now Jesus Son of Nave was Joshua.

Sometime after this I made this post starting this thread.

Now today while reviewing things for PM on Yin and Yang in the Jesus Sutra's I discovered that the Jesus Sutra's also mention Joshua. (which had not registered in my conscious awareness on first reading 18 months ago).

So to up date the story this is what it says:

The stone states "He is Joshua, my True Lord of the Void, who embodies the three subtle and wonderous bodies, and who was condemned to the cross so that the people of the four directions can be saved"

In complementary medicine the subtle bodies are the energetic self healing system.

So is there any other evidence that Jesus of the NT is actually Joshua of the OT?

Or that Jesus in the OT is actually created from a few different characters that were named Jesus?

I feel this is very important otherwise why would the Holy Spirit give me these leads if it is not to lead us to the truth?

Also worth considering that the Dead Sea Scrolls speak of a 'Teacher of Righteousness' but we know that the Dead Sea Scrolls were written prior to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth as depicted by the bible. So could this teacher of Righteousness been Joshua?

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I think the importance is really in the name Joshua itself. Great name if you want to show someone as a savior. There are other related names like Hoshea and Hosha'ayah and Yeshayahu. But Josh is a good name if you want to build a savior.

Some of the Jesus motifs seem to be borrowed from earlier sources, but not just people named Joshua. The magi resemble the angels who visit Abraham, for instance.

I'm not sure if you'd want to draw parallels between Jesus and Joshua, considering Joshua's role in the conquest of Cana'an. I've heard more than once that there were quite a few Yehoshua ben Yosephs running around at the time of Jesus, but I haven't tracked down the source of this assertion.

Dear Dauer

Can you tell us more about Joshua, why was he crucified and by whom?

Many thanks

Dear Dauer

Yes 'Yehoshua ben Yosephs' we certainly need more information on these people.

In 2000 I was running a past life training course, one of the students was a police officer so there were witnesses involved. I was the patient for girls to practice on. If I had known what was going to happen I would have tape recorded the whole 2-3 session. I was shown the past life of a man who said his name was Joseph it was not until towards the end of his life did he call himself Jesus some months later I was led to a book called the 'Hiram Key' where it clearly states that the Jesus in the bible's full name was Yeshua Ben Joseph (english spelling).

I wasn't Jesus in a past life, Jesus just came through and overshadowed me to show me various aspects of his life and impart news that a time bomb is about to go off and this bomb that is in his heart is the love vibration that will sweep planet earth.

The plot thickens........

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Joshua's the guy who filled Moses' shoes. He wasn't crucified. I don't believe there's anyone in the Jewish scriptures who is crucified, but there may have been some important people in later Jewish history who were. There were 10 martyrs who all suffered horrible deaths at the hands of the Romans because they wouldn't give up Torah. One of them was wrapped in soaking wet wool and burned, but the wool covered his vital organs and kept him alive longer. The water from the wool would also evaporate and scorch his face. eventually one of the Romans took mercy on him and removed the wool. Sadistic stuff like that. Flailings, etc.

You may have come across some material where Jesus is called Yeshua, which is common among Messianics.

I tend to respond to that past life stuff that it's a projection of our own minds. I had a past life experience that I was in the future, an old man, lying on a bed, and the future generation was gathered around me. Everything was highly technological but it seemed we were in a jungle or something. I also love Sci-fi. My mom also had a past life experience she was Paul, but I know this is not true because she said she in her experience that she was at the last supper. She constructed her experience based on the information she had available to her, and so it is with all who have a past life experience.

Dear Dauer

Oh this past life training course was something else, it was a mystical experience and I and the others on the course were in altered state for 24 hours afterwards, it certainly changed everyone's lives. It took us 36 hours to become fully grounded following it.

I also did a soul retrieval remotely recently, to retrieve a fragment of a CEO's soul from a past life. Now he had the same experience with Apostle Thomas as I did and we were not even on the same island when I carried out the remote scan, so he had no idea what age, time frame in history because I do not know where I am being taken until I am in the trance session, but this man is very spiritually evolved so able to tune in.

Love beyond measure

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Dauer when one is overshadowed by such a powerful being of light you know that it is not coming from your own mind, you are completely taken over mind, body and soul. It certainly is a life changing exprience for those involved. Very hard to describe into words the sheer immensity of it.

Well, we've already had this conversation in other places and you know what my position is about such experiences, just the human mind projecting a format that will best suit the individual for said experience/insight, which itself transcends even the language of normal human experience.

I knew I should have stayed away from this thread.. but I have to ask this to see if I read it correctly.. Jesus took possession of your body??
Dear Faithfullservant

Well I would not use the word possession, the best way to describe being overshadowed by Jesus, is that I was totally consumed in his energy, I was taken into altered state and knew not where the journey would take me. I cannot think of an appropriate analogy to describe it but if one comes to me I will post it.

This was not my first experience I started having mystical experiences in 1997 the first one was with Mother Mary. For two years I told nobody about them because it took a long time to come to terms with what I was experiencing, seeing an hearing. So apart from the experience stated above, I have seen him, spoken to him and work with him as many others do too. I was a humble professional clairvoyant prior to this with no aspirations of doing any other then helping troubled souls to find their way, I soon discovered that work was just a stepping stone on my journey which as led to my healing work and mission of compassion.

I appreciate that it is hard for others to accept, I also did not accept that people could really see angels until I saw them and spoke to them myself, I was the original skeptic and so GOD had to provide me with so much proof that I would indeed surrender my whole life in entirety to GOD's will and service.

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:) Joshua=Yahweh is Salvation
Jesus = Saviour

''Jesus'' is Greek for m of Hebrew 'Joshua'!
Faithfulservant said:
Have you ever heard of Ramtha or Mofu? Is it like that?

I have never heard of these terms.

Dear Chary

Thank you for your contribution.

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Someone mentioned that there were several Joshua Ben Josephs around - I suspect that would be true at any time, since both Joshua and Joseph are quite common Hebrew names, and Ben simply is "Son of".

Surnames are a rather recent invention....
You know, it would be nice if at least one of the active threads on the Judaism part of the board was actually related to Judaism.



iirc, according to the various people I've heard this from there were other J ben J's claiming to be HaMoshiach, but as I said I don't know what the original source was. This could mean the Jesus of Christianity was a sort of combination of these many different messianic figures -- or just a few people's attempt to take advantage of all of the claimants. It was a time when there was quite a bit of apocalypticism in the air on account of the political turmoil, the situation with Rome, so messianism was not rare.

There's a book on all of the different false messiahs in Jewish history that covers many of the lesser known ones. I have the name written down in a notebook I can retrieve. One of them actually has similar characteristics to Muhammad. I have not read it, but am hoping to eventually.
well start some then Dauer the only reason I put this here was because of Joshua being the one that took over from Moses. But perhaps it should be moved to comparative studies.

Yes Bruce I was aware of that but thank you for posting as others may not be.

Love Kim xx
Wow, what a thread. Sacredstar I'd like to know more about your experiences. As far as the teacher of righteosness, some have said it was James, jesus' brother.