interfaith question: What is the "job" of the "church"

When I was young, I switched from one religion to another religion. Best decision I ever made.

That is far more common than in earlier days, just because of the availability if knowledge, I think. In my case I went from something to something. I can't see anyone whose done it seeing it as a poor decision. If they do, then I think they should go back - deconvert.
"That is far more common than in earlier days..."

--> Things are getting better as time goes by.

"...because of the availability [of] knowledge..."

--> Great!
modern countries, industrialized countries are working away from that...
LOL. D'you think? I think they're backing us right into where they want us to be.
1% of the world's population now possesses 50% of its wealth, and will continue to possess the wealth of the world as time goes on.

as the same case is occurring with religions...our children, or our parents, backed out of the religion they were born in...
Well they've got to back us out of religion, because that's such a stumbling block in the path of a fully realised consumer culture.

But when consumerism finally overspends itself, the churches will still be there ...

Distribution of wealth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Top 0.111 percent own 80 percent of the world. And then they say religion is evil, we have to "get out" of it.
two different things.... I was speaking of being stuck in the profession or stuck in the religion you are born in... Yeah..wealth is not easy to accumulate....especially as a worker bee...

In a capitalist world it is the business owner/investor that controls the wealth (not the worker or self employed) in a dictatorship the wealth is redistributed by violence, take over of the dictator...yes we in the US have established a new oligarchal kingdom.
Re: Religion - Interfaith forum members may be exceptions to this observation but I believe and venture a guess that the vast majority of people never search for much less choose their religion. Through a myriad of ways, the religion chooses them but I think most often it is the religion a person is born in to. I think most people first find certain peace, comfort and kinship as part of a group. Then there is a eureka moment when a person become a This, That or the Other. I think more often than not, for life.

The Job here was easy. No convert needed. Now for maintenance.

Re: U. S. Capitalism - The U.S. has been operating under the constriction of an oligarchy for at least as far back as the 19th century "robber barons" or as they preferred, the "Industrialists". The supporting cast was completed in 1913 with the appearance of "The Creature from Jekyll Island". It was a really ugly political creature called the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve was little more than the Central Bank for "robber barons".

It seems my search for Ayn Rand's elusive 'John Galt' was a waste of time. Egalitarians are fantasy!
Nowadays the church takes on many jobs. Political, economic, social, you name it. Perhaps it always has and in many cases it may even be necessary. At the same time though, I think the agenda of the church often gets confused with the church's actual purpose.

The way I see it, the main purpose of the church is to help us come to terms with our own mortality and to try to give some insight as to what may be waiting for us in the here after. Come to think of it, death may well be the overriding reason for faith and religion in the first place. "Sniff..Sniff..." I smell a great new thread topic!
I think the church/religion was ALWAYS political, economic, social.... in the past either the church made the laws and controlled the gov't or the gov't fought hard to control the church...
What is the "job" of the "church"

I don't know but from what I've seen it varies from church to church.

Some seem to function mainly as community centers where congregants socialize.
Others focus on charitable social action.
Some focus heavily on proselytizing.
Some focus on religious studies.
Some focus on directing the lives of their members.
Some focus on practicing ritual and sacrament.

And some, especially larger ones in the U.S., mainly focus on attaining, sustaining, and growing a huge tax exempt cash flow in which church leaders regularly bathe while telling those who made them able to that they should be patient and wait for the lord to do it for them too. And this, like all other pyramid schemes, benefits a few to a large degree by continuously fanning the flames of hope in the masses to generate enough hot air to keep the balloon aloft as long as possible -- until reality sets it and it all comes crashing down while the leaders bail and land softly in greener (or nearly as green) pastures with their golden parachutes to try and do it all over again on a new herd of virginal sheeple.o_O
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