Asking gnostics regarding Islam.

You know how I know you've never read any of the Gnostic texts?
This is childish.

For example:
Do you know how I know you're just spouting aphorisms you've picked up from books ... because you're not the first to pop up here and tell us we're all wrong, and then get tetchy when we don't acclaim you ...

Certainly, not everyone can be a mystic, it is not worthwhile to speak to the general population about these deeper truths because they just can't understand. I myself know this first hand, and is why I am often mocked on these forums, truth is always mocked by those who are happily ignorant.
Oh dear ... where and how often have I heard this before ... :rolleyes:
Do you think you are a mystic, Thomas?

I can tell from your words that you are not, you are a scholar so you think you understand but words don't convey it.

I assure you that when it finally happens to you, everything you think you know will look absolutely stupid.

Not that it is only you, it is just that it's so far beyond the minds capacity to comprehend.

Never think that just because you have a bunch of random knowledge that you actually know...

That is the greatest mistake of the scholars.

Thinking you understand, you will miss the invitation, you will be too busy applying it to prior knowledge.

No, you are not a mystic, you are still approaching with the head.

Mystics live from the heart.
I assure you that when it finally happens to you, everything you think you know will look absolutely stupid.
Please don't tell people what they think is stupid. Since we both know you are going to keep spouting rather offensive things lets keep to the topic and stay away from the posters themselves.
Unless you are a moderator, please stop acting like you have any authority.

If you are a moderator, just ban me.
For those who think that Islam has nothing to do with gnosis are totally mistaken. In fact one can spot it in the Quranic verses if you analyse it deeper (Qur'an is the book that needs to be analysed and studied not only recited and read with nice voice and melody). The Godd in the Qur'an is definetely not a Demiurge althaough many muslims today percieve it that way unfortunatelly.
First The Divine in Islam is completely absolute, infinite and in its essence ineffable and incomprehensible. "His" Essence is called gayb-ul gayb The Mistery of Misteries, Perfection of the Perfection.
The Islamic angeology is more closer to gnostic one because Angels are in the ranks of one of the spiritual realms and they are only good can not fall or rage. Satan is enemy to the humans and he is not a true angel I mean ontologicaly he is a Jinn (spiritual beings of the created realm ) (in hebrew Genii) who rose in the rank of the angels because of his knowledge of God and piety. Further more God in islam as the Quran state gifted Adam with Wisdom and Knowledge share his atributes with him and gave him spirit ( the Spark), so Human being is potentially one level higher then Angels. This is why God orderd the angels to prostrate in front of Human when he was created (when he got the body) This is also from the Qur'an. God is The Light of Heavens and the Earth (Qur'an), though his names /atributes are not in his essence but rather it manifests itself into realms or planes (emanated ones) and than at one stage the atributes are presented. From the escatological perspective muslims also believe in actual return to God. there is a phrase for the expression of condonces: Inna Lilahi wa inna ileyhi raji'un which means From God we are and to Him we return.
here is an interesting link on Sufi cosmology:
where you can see even ore similarities beetwen Qur'an (at least its esoterical part) and gnostic christian writings
As a Gnostic, no. I also don't believe that God in Judaism or Christianity is Yaldabaoth.

I think this is an understandable misconception. The Gnostic Demiurge, by whatever name you call him, frequently overlaps with similar myths told about the God of Abraham. However, so do various Aeons, like how Jesus Christ is thought to be the Logos or Autogenes, or how Noah's wife, Norea, and Seth are both favored by the One. So, even mythologically, it isn't a one-to-one. Not all myths about the God of Abraham can be assumed to be about Yaldabaoth.

Deeper than this, though, I think it misses the point of what Yaldabaoth is. Yaldabaoth isn't some sapient, non-physical agency. He isn't watching us and commanding an army of spirits to torture us. Yaldabaoth is the personification of spiritual ignorance that separates us from the One.

In that sense, Yaldabaoth has a lot more in common with Iblis than Allah.
Since majority of the Muslims believe that the God of the Jews, Jehovah is none other than Allah there is no doubt that Allah or Jehovah is the Demiurge also known as Yaldabaoth or Saklas (the foolish One) or Samael (the blind God). Yaldabaoth was the son of Achamoth, the lower Sophia.
even dude on cross cried out ' allaha allaha why have thou forsaken me ' i left church for islam after watching passion of the christ
Where does the Qur'an say "Jesus was not crucified?"
quran says jesus raised up saved by god look folks any god needing the blood of an innocent man on a cross in order to forgive sins is unworthy of worship i left church for islam 2002