Does it Matter to God?

Discussion in 'Comparative Studies' started by Aussie Thoughts, Nov 5, 2015.

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    Here's a simple question or perhaps a more difficult one depending on your perspective. We all have our beliefs and disbeliefs. What if it turns out that what you believe is 100% wrong? Do you think that matters to God?

    From my side I like to think that just putting in the effort and doing your best counts for something in God's eyes if only a 2nd chance to get things right.
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    Nope, I don't think it matters... I don't believe there is a spreadsheet in this regard.

    (I do love the evanglist of every variety "but what if you are wrong?")

    And as for doesn't matter either... As long as you aren't harming others...but you covered that in the second half..
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    This is actually a huge topic of debate in Islam. On one hand the Quran tells us that anyone who dies without accepting after they've heard the words of Allah will suffer. And yet it also says that anyone who associates partners with Allah or worships a God other than Allah will be of the Losers (those in hell). It is generally accepted by most scholars that people who do not know of Islam are to be judged on their observation of the revelation they did know (among the many messengers sent to all nations before Islam (ie most consider these all the Monotheistic religions and even the religions which have a supreme God and those beneath him))... Now what scholars and others don't agree on is what constitutes "knowing" or "hearing" of Islam. If I run Into a crowd and yell "La Ilaha Il-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah" does anyone know what I mean. Even if I say it in English "There is No God worthy of worship But Allah, And Mouhammed is his Messenger" Have I really explained to those people anything? If People are told constantly that Islam is a Religion, but all they know is what they see on Fox News, is there any reason for them to believe it is the truth?

    All in All it is up to God in the end...
  4. Namaste Jesus

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    Aussie, you have a real knack for opening up cans of worms with your simple questions.

    I think it matters enormously to God that we believe in him and in the correct way, but I don't think believing incorrectly is an automatic condemnation. I should think that would be dependent on individual circumstance and certainly the intent behind what you believe and the strength of your character would figure heavily in that decision.

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    I think it's the heart, not the words, that counts.
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