i am converted through skype to judaism

Converted from what? Hinduism? Islam? I just ask for reference...

To me it seems conversion is mostly a thing between you and G!d... There are formalities... And to get accepted into a community is one thing...but as far as I know the Orthodox don't accept any conversions...

Religion and belief is both a personal and communal thing... If you are in a town without synagogues...you are on your path of study and growth...I wish you well...
...but as far as I know the Orthodox don't accept any conversions...

With the exception of the Syrian Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, and two smaller Syrian communities elsewhere, where converts are not accepted, Orthodox Judaism does, in fact, welcome converts.
Dear Rabbis...........

It seems a little odd for the forum to welcome two Jews from India on the same day, especially when both are 34 years old and, in fact, indicate that they were born on the very same day. The other is "ilovetorah." Or is it possible that there is only one individual using two different names?
Thank you RabbiO for confirming. The other is also my account but i registered account with my name. RabbiO do you reside in India if yes can i have your contact number so i can reach you. I want to stay in touch with you so i can learn something from you.

Rabbi Ancel Salamon gave me a book where everything is given about judaism and i want to stay in touch with hashem lovers as i love hashem.

Reu Torah.

No, I do not reside in Israel. I am in the United States.

You asked, "When i asked rabbi if my conversion is valid in india as in india rabbi's dont recognize skype conversion, my rabbi said his conversion is valid in israel and everywhere as he represents dominican republic to israel and he converted me for free without taking fees as i asked him to help me because i am poor.

Now i want to know answer from rabbis from different countries if my conversion to judaism is valid or not everywhere or in india ? As i am from hyderabad in india there is no synagogues in here and i want to be blessed by hashem in synagogue."

Now comes, for me, the hard part. It's the hard part I have to answer your question and I know you may be upset by my answer.

Let me begin first by asking you a question - Do you understand that Judaism is not monolithic, that there are different movements, denominations if you will, including the Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Secular Humanistic, Renewal and then, as well, differences within the movements?
What was the process? Torah study, Hebrew class? How long did it take? Was there a fee?

How did you first start on this path??

This is all so interesting..