Echoes of 2000-year-old Footsteps

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    Hello Everyone, I am working on a project "History of Artifact"

    Here is one of the Article I came up with, It says information about, The Corlea Trackway (known also in Irish as Bóthar Chorr Liath ) who Holds the Echoes of 2000-year-old Footsteps.
    He is a timber trackway dating to the Iron Age. This ancient trackway is located near Keenagh, a village to the south of Longford, in County Longford, Ireland. The Corlea Trackway was discovered during the 1980s, when it was exposed during the harvesting of peat from the bog. Excavation of the trackway commenced in the following year. Due to the significance of this find, the Corlea Trackway is today on permanent display in a specially built exhibition center that is conditioned to preserve it in the state it was found.

    Let me know what you feel and how good this information is.

    Please also share if someone has some more great sources to create my project on the topic.

    Thanks all in advance, and looking forward to here from you all.
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