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    Good for you.

    It gets problematic when critics, atheists, non-believers, etc., etc,. wade in with their own opinions, especially the 'Christianity is to blame for everything' school of thought, or the tendency to look back and judge the past ... simply put: in dialogue try and discern what's politics and what's prejudice, and put those to one side.

    I wouldn't get too caught up in versions, unless you're going into text criticism, and then you'd be better learning Hebrew and Greek and reading from the original texts? Saints and sages didn't have half the resources we have, but then maybe they didn't get caught up in technicalities, and had more time to contemplate the meaning of the text?

    Again, I would invite a tirade of criticism if I were to attempt to whitewash the Catholic church's none-too-spotless history as far as womenfolk are concerned ... nevertheless, it has produced female doctors, saints, mystics, sages, and it might be worth trying to track down their views on such issues, although I doubt you'll find much out there.

    But have you looked at women writers?
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    Many Xtians and preachers thereof stay too close to the words of the Bible, thus missing much hidden depth & overvaluing the literal. So if those ancient males identified too much with their sex and did not value or understand women enough, do not fall into that trap yourself by being prejudiced against that Book because you identify too closely with your sex.

    Glad to see your interest in 'religion as a whole...ancient belief and practice, etc' Much wisdom in the old ways.

    Welcome to this site, hope it helps you.

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