The Science of Storytelling


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"The Science of Storytelling – Why stories make us human, and how to tell them better"
Will Storr.

An Amazon review:
"... Storr comes at the subject from an intriguing new angle... How this evolutionary drive reflects what we want from the stories we hear and read is at the core of the book... it throws a new light on the story of our own lives. To realise that we're passing through life in a subjective bubble of our own creation - with objective reality an illusion - is sobering and enlightening in equal measure. We're essentially characters in our own story, but with only a vague (and often inaccurate) grasp of where and why we're heading in the direction we are. What's your sacred flaw?"

It's a really, really interesting read for me, and brings up a lot of questions, self-reflections, insights and understandings ... and it's really fun and easy to read, although ostensibly about the craft of writing stories, it's all neuroscience and psychology.