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  1. I tend to take the "negative" way, more seeing what "authority" or some "teacher" should not be. This more that looking for some "positive" sign.

    Some "challenges" are often met with "who are we/you to challenge the words/acts of the enlightened; who are we/you to challenge this authoritative interpretation of THE sacred text?" So it goes on.

    I would look for a degree of humility, even some intimation that the "teacher" has no idea whatsoever that they are in fact teaching.

    I think it is always totally legitimate to challenge any self declared Authority, if peaceful.

    What is authority founded on? Let's go's founded upon the "firm ground of emptiness"......:)
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    Can a teacher be sincere and yet not teach the genuine teaching, emptiness, whatever?

    A "true fake" so to speak? (I think Alan Watts used this term, could be wrong)
  3. Short answer:- Yes. And not even looking for financial reward!!

    EDIT:- "short answer" not "shirt answer"!!
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